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Welcome to Bhreia


The world of Bhreia. Click the image to download a high-resolution version.

Bhreia (bray-ah) is a fantasy setting created for use with TTRPGs. If you were guided here by your DM, know that this documentation is a supplemental resource to the official documentation and is not required reading. Instead, it's a resource empowering you to create a character more integrated with the setting by providing details to riff off.

This wiki also keeps track of the Braving Bhreia campaign run by its author.

Almost everything presented here is common knowledge to anyone living in this setting.

World Map

To get a copy of the complete world map, click here. This map is a continual work in progress and will change over time. For maps of individual Regions or Countries, see their respective pages.

Getting Started

DM Specific Content

Beware of content explicitly marked with a DM prefix, a lock icon 🔐, a blurred-out page, or a collapsible section. Some page titles are also scrambled since they can potentially spoil the story. Above the navigation is a button that allows you to undo this.

DM: An example.

Reading the information in these sections will 100% spoil your game.

These pages are meant for the DM only and intended for them to reveal at their discretion.


If you want to add or change anything, feel free to follow the "contributing" section in the readme for this wiki's repository, located here on GitHub.