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Session 18: Eastbound

Date: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h14m)

  • Skip recap: 5m50s


A flashback to several months ago kicked off the last session. We met Sebastian in TaΓ―ni, where his uncle Malachi had brought in a hurt Elven man who was missing his legs, an arm, and covered in black stone. Uncle Malachi asked Sebastian to go on a mission to fetch his son and deliver a letter to his wife back in Korbantir. Sebastian accepted the task, and before he set out on his journey, the wounded man in the backroom told him to make sure to bring Paxalon.

When Sebastian arrived at Cauldin's Point, he ran into Sah-Sauj, who introduced him to the entire group. Sebastian said he was looking for the Ironstone Forge, but Tiran informed him that it had burned down. Throughout the conversation, it became clear that they were cousins. And when Sebastian delivered the letter to Sophia, she confirmed his claims and that Malachi was alive and well in TaΓ―ni.

Tired of all the drama at Cauldin's Point, Sophia readied herself to leave for Kleftmon the following day. Sebastian asked Sophia if she knew of a Paxalon, but she didn't. However, in overhearing this, Pasha revealed that his full name was, in fact, Paxalon. The group decided to leave as well, and before they did, Sebastian sent his hawk back to TaΓ―ni with a message for his mother.

Since it was already noon, travel was fairly short before a camp was set up. Not much happened during their rest except that Gadot found a puppy tied to a tree. A little German Shepherd pup with floppy ears.

The following morning, travel resumed to Wolf's house. While traveling, Sebastian confirms that the sun is also in a fixed position in TaΓ―ni. Gadot filled him in on everything that happened so far in their adventure.

After a few hours on the road, Wolf turned off the main road onto a dirt path leading into the forest. When approaching the property, Wolf heard a distant fiddle being played poorly. Getting even closer, he realized that his tobacco plants had been cared for during the year he was away. Wolf explained that the cabin was constructed to be hidden, and nobody should be there now. However, sneaking closer, the smell of rabbit stew filled the air, and skins were drying on the tanning rack.

A happy dog ran up to you and began happily jumping up and barking as you approached the house. The fiddle stopped playing, and a girl's voice called out, "Cricket, come back here!"

And that's where we left off.