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🔐 Hatching Bhreia

Bhreia can appear to the adventurers in a moment of desperation and provide insight into what's going on.


She will tell them that 🔐 Amalchi has always been jealous of her connection to the living creatures of the world. He feels scorned because until a year ago, people didn't even remember his name. Because of this, he is planning to merge the material plane and the elemental plane of air. This won't be a simple combination, but rather the destruction of both and a total restart. It will kill all living creatures everywhere.

Bhreia offers two options to the adventurers, outlined below. She will also speak to Paxalon "Pasha" Yaraxil directly, see 🔐 Pasha's Path.

Option 1: Restoring the Status Quo

She will offer to transform herself into dragon form and fight Amalchi with the adventurers. Their combined forces against Amalchi and his children stand at least a chance to send him back to his own plane of existence and restore the status quo.

Option 2: Seeding the Air

A more dangerous option is to persuade Amalchi to be content with his situation and seed his plane of existence with creatures of his own with Bhreia's help. She will be able to use one of the 🔐 Clock Crystals to open up a portal into the elemental plane of air. They can travel through it and help Bhreia plant the seeds of life there.

The Egg

If accepted, she will tell them that she needs to become corporeal, like Amalchi, which may lead to some side effects. During the time that Bhreia is corporeal, the world grows unstable and there are great volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

She will become a dragon egg that needs to be kept in the material plane at all times. It cannot be placed into a pocket dimension or travel in any other way but through the material plane.

If the egg is subjected to any other kind of dimension or plane of existence, it will break and return to the soil. The adventurers will have to face Amalchi on their own without her help. See 🔐 Breaking Bhreia.

Hatching the Egg

The egg will need to be brought to the highest mountain top in the desert of The Passage and buried there covered by the soil collected from the deepest depths of the Sea of Korban. The egg will need to be watered with nurturing waters from Rivoni Springs.

The egg will sprout like a seed and grow a tree during its incubation period.

The egg will take 7 days and 7 nights to incubate, during which time it has to be protected from Amalchi's forces.

After this time, the tree dies and shrivels back into the earth from which a Wyrmling form of Bhreia will appear.