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Character Interviews

New format: interview the characters, and ask a few poignant questions.

Sah-Sauj -> Wolf -> Pasha -> Gadot -> Tiran -> Sebastian


  • Why did you leave your home country?
  • Do you consider yourself an adventurer or a wanderer?
  • Why don't you like rabbits? You mentioned they were toxic.
  • Why did you join up with this group?


  • How difficult is it to live in a culture with fewer Dwarves?
  • Where did you get a giant goat?
  • Why do you use an alias rather than your real name?
  • Why do you resort to violence rather than diplomacy? (Assault/cabin)


  • Why did you leave your island?
  • How did the sudden magical abilities change your life?
  • How do you feel about being called a traitor by these dragons?
  • Do you have any theories on what their deal is?


  • Father was a master thief; you are a thief. Why? Following in his footsteps?
  • You mentioned in passing that you don't want to mess with magic. Why?
  • How do you feel about having found Junior and having him so close to danger?
  • You had a dream where your father jumped off a cliff, seemingly to his death. How do you feel about that?


  • The Ironstone Forge, your ancestral home, was burned down by the halfling that Wolf assaulted. How did this change how you see Wolf?
  • How do you feel about the fact that after your father left to find Gadot's father, your mother shacked up with Phidippus?
  • How do you feel about these clocks distributed around the world bearing the Ironstone name? Knowing that they were modified for god knows what reason by Phidippus?
  • As a young man, how do you cope with all of these things that have happened to you lately? Do you feel like it's affecting your worldview? Do you still have the same aspirations to become a blacksmith?


  • You wanted to become an adventurer, like your father and so many others in your family. Now that you're out in the world, is it what you expected?
  • Going from zero to killing seemed to go fast when you joined. One day you're traveling across the country, the next you're killing bandits and guards. Has every kill felt justified to you so far? Are you just going along with the group's decisions?
  • Now that you've met up with your cousin Tiran, do you feel like you're striking up a bond? Does it feel like family?
  • As the newest member of the group, do you feel like an outsider?