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🔐 Breaking Bhreia

A consequence of taking Bhreia's egg through a portal into another dimension (see also 🔐 Hatching Bhreia).

If the egg is subjected to any other kind of dimension or plane of existence, it will break and return to the soil. The adventurers will have to face Amalchi on their own without her help.

Whoever took the egg through a portal to another dimension will get stuck in-between dimensions. While there, they will hear a cracking noise and feel warm liquid run down their body as Bhreia's egg breaks.

Inside the liquid is a tiny fetus of a green dragon, who dissolved into the black void surrounding them. Bhreia is dead.

After this, the person will remain stuck in the void.

The rest of the party will begin to feel rumbling, increasing in intensity until a massive shockwave reverberates around the planet. Buildings collapse, tsunamis rip the coast apart, and streets break open. The world is breaking apart. Is it still worth saving?