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History of The First Age

Years 1 through 1000

History of Bhreia ยท โฎ• History of the Second Age.

Primordial Deities

The primordial deities Bhreia and her twin brother (whose name was lost) were spontaneously born on the first moment of the first day. They were without form, and their spirits drifted through the infinite void that encompassed all creation.

Even though they felt a deep love for each other, they were empty and unsatisfied. Together, they formed the Earth and the Sky, two halves of a perfect sphere. Bhreia spent her days roaming the Earth while her brother claimed dominion over the sky.


Scholars agree that the entire world was composed of a single super-continental landmass during the First Age.

For a long time, things were good. Bhreia bonded with the Earth while her brother played in the sky. But the world was large and empty, and Bhreia once again grew lonely. She asked her brother if he could help her to seed the Earth with life, so it could prosper and thrive.

Birth of Melora and Nature

Her brother was reluctant, but his endless love for his counterpart convinced him to help her. Together they created a third deity. An equal to themselves and a companion desperately needed. Melora was born.


Melora is the primordial goddess of nature, the wilderness, and the oceans.

While she took her first breath, Melora looked about the Earth and grew deeply unhappy; there was no life. As she exhaled, she crossed the surface of the Earth, breathing life into the barren wastelands as she went. Before her second breath, the Earth blossomed with woodlands, plants, waters, and a vast ocean surrounding all the lands.


This ocean became known as Melora's Grasp in the Ages of Peoples.

Birth of Primani and Life

While her brother was away during the long nights, Bhreia and Melora bonded deeply. They kindled a love between them deeper than Bhreia felt between her and her brother. During the night, Primani was born of the love between Bhreia and Melora. As Bhreia's brother awakened in the morning, the first creatures created by Primani roamed all the lands and populated the vast seas.


Primani is the primordial god of life and explicitly living creatures.

The Brother's Jealousy

When Bhreia's brother woke up the following morning and saw all of the life covering the surface of the Earth, he became deeply enraged. "How dare you create life without me?" He said and cast a giant thunderbolt from his place in the sky that punched an enormous chasm where it struck the Earth.


Scholars believe this chasm is now the lake separating the countries Onoctux, Garrenor, and Mennitonough. It is therefore named "Brother's Breach."

He did not return in the morning after sunset that night and not for many weeks. The world was in a perpetual state of night. All plant life began to die, and without plants, so did the animals that depended on them for food.


The souls of the creatures that perished during this Age still roam the wilderness, searching for a place to rest. Some call them lost, while others call them ghosts.

Primani visits The Brother


This period of darkness is aptly named "The First Darkness." Not to be confused with the "Many Days of Night" during the Third Age.

Primani wept as her creation withered around her and sought out the brother at the world's end. Eventually, she found Bhreia's brother in his palace below the horizon. Sulking and angry.

"Please, brother, return to us," she pleaded with him. "All life on the Earth is dying, and your sister is unhappy. She did not mean to cause you grief."

"What is it to me?" He snarled and toyed with a thunderbolt in his enormous hand. "Life is of the Earth, not of the sky." He leaned closer to Primani, and she could smell the salt air of the Northern Winds on his breath. "Tell me, cousin. What do you have to offer?"

"I offer you companionship," she said. "The spirits of the lives that pass."

Bhreia's brother leaned back into this throne and pondered this offer. "This is not some trick?" He asked and nudged the gleaming thunderbolt towards her until it almost touched her chest. The smell of petrichor pressed on her like a wet blanket.

"I swear it's not a trick," she said. "I bind my promise with my immortal soul."

Bhreia's brother accepted, and things returned to normal for a while.

Rise of Deities

Melora, Primani, and Bhreia set about improving their new world now that Bhreia's brother had restored the balance. The three goddesses birthed new gods to claim dominion over the domains of fire, water, the seasons, time, love, and many more. Soon, the Earth was truly alive.

Meanwhile, Bhreia's brother enjoyed his new spirit companions until, after many years, he tired of them. As more creatures were born and died, the heavens filled with their spirits, and he could no longer keep up with the ever-increasing workload and constant bustle.

"She did trick me after all," Bhreia's brother said while tearing a spirit to shreds with his bare hands. "That little devil." As he looked at the shredded creature in his hands, he remembered the promise she'd made him, and a wicked smile crept onto his face.

Birth of Dhoutr

Enraged and filled with a lust to harm, Bhreia's Brother gathered all of the souls in the heavens and tore them apart until nothing remained but a writhing mass of pain and anguish. He reached deep into his chest and broke off a piece of his now-blacked heart and injected it into the amalgam. It formed into a shapeless black cloud and hovered before him in his palace.

"My son, I name you Dhoutr," he said and placed his hand into the darkness before him. "I imbue you with the most significant responsibility of all the gods."

"Tell me, father, what is your bidding?" Dhoutr hissed with the innumerable voices of the spirits that composed him.

"I shall create you a plane of existence where you rule over the spirits of the dead. I shall build it within my sister's heart, deep within the Earth itself."


Dhoutr is the god of death and ruler of the Internal Plane of Darkness.

The End of an Age

On the eve of the Second Age, Dhoutr slithered across the Earth and burrowed deep into the most remote depths of Bhreia's creation. Then with Bhreia's brother's help, they expanded until the Earth could take no more.

History of Bhreia ยท โฎ• History of the Second Age.