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A glossary of words.

Ghukliak English
Booyahg magic/magic user
Deu tie
Ee yes
Han great/wonderful
Io inside/in/within
Knep push/press/pinch
Ko behind
Kolohk house/building/place
Latta come/come on
Longat bastard/dick/asshole
Maggan make/repair
Mis maybe/hopefully/perhaps
Nah no
Ong for/of
Oons us/we
Pengga person/guy/girl/dude
Qre what
Qro who
Rakkt bothering/pestering
Skatti darling/honey
Slek dirt/filth/earth/soil/poop
Ta get/have
Tahan hope (ta + han)
Tippi small/tiny
Tongo large/huge
Tu You
Vu I
Weng want/desire
Wen know/understand
Yem this
Yop food/eating
Zem talk/speak/conversate


  • Grintani, do you know this guy?
  • Grintani, wen tu yem pengga?
  • What do you want?
  • Qre tu weng?
  • Who are you?
  • Qro tu?
  • Come inside
  • Latta io
  • Do you speak Ghukliak?
  • Zem tu ghukliak?
  • I have to poop
  • Vu ta knep slek