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🔐 Cult of Amalchi


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

A cult that occasionally convenes in Cauldin's Point to perform a ritual sacrifice in order to worship and reincarnate 🔐 Amalchi.


There are five members currently active in or around Cauldin's Point.

Leader (The Mother): Rhea Feldspar - cursed, actions are performed without any input of her own. She's a vessel of Dhoutr, creation/son of Amalchi.

Captain (The Believer): 🔐 Borlok Orsel - loyal to Dauriel and Moreus, but only because he knows that Moreus is the vessel and wants to keep him safe until Amalchi reappears.

Sage (The Dying): 🔐 Phidippus - gets pregnant Macoyii to sacrifice and handles any magic that needs to be performed.

Vessel (The Innocent): Moreus - occasionally goes into a trance-like state and, under the influence of Amalchi, participates in sacrifices.

Sacrifice (The Potential): one of the adventuring party.

Identifying Marks

The Symbol Amalchi

Amalchi's symbol: a dark eye inscribed within a pentagram.

The cultists live in secret and so must have a way of identifying themselves amongst each-other. This is done through a singular identifying mark. It is a tiny brand of the dark eye of Amalchi branded into the flesh of the inner-side of the left hand index finger.

So, the symbol of Amalchi without the pentagram.

The Ritual Sacrifice

The ritual performed at 🔐 Cauldin's Tomb requires five simultaneous blood sacrifices in order of innocence:

  • The Potential: the blood of a miscarriage or aborted fetus. Generally cut from the Mother (see below) or through an induced abortion. Sometimes, if there are no targets, they will use the unborn of animals.
  • The Innocent: the blood of a young child. This involves the sacrifice of a child, a soul uncorrupted by the sins of the world.
  • The Believer: the blood of a cultist. Self-sacrifice, though they just cut their palms since there aren't too many cultists to go around.
  • The Mother: symbolic of Bhreia, mother of the world and Amalchi's sister. Sacrificing a mother who is a giver of life to Amalchi, this is a pure power play and sick absurdity that pleases Amalchi.
  • The Dying: symbolic of the absurdity of life, i.e. the sacrifice and murder of one who would have died anyway.

The blood is collected in receptacles far below the holes in the tomb in the subterranean complex. It is kept fresh and ready for Amalchi by magical means.

Once the ritual is complete, the cultists disband and don't interact with eachother.