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🔐 Pastorale


Random encounter along the road with Cauda's traveling musical shadow puppet show. This is another one of Cauda's appearances to the adventurers, though this time attempting to explain some of the nuances between 🔐 Amalchi and Bhreia.

The traveling show is called Circus Jeroen Bosch.

Cauda's not trying to hide his identity and looks the same as in the first session. However, he's wearing a top hat and a dress jacket.



Cost of entry: A promise.


A puppet show with the following words between the actors:

Amalchi and Bhreia

I burn in heavens blue, my blaze,
my golden light, and savage rays.
Galaxies, moons, the planets, and stars,
all revolve 'round me.
And through the clouds, the air, the waves,
under the waters, I permeate
my passion, my love, into the earth...

Along the shore my Sister I see,
And all the shells she finds for me - they glisten when I smile.

Your warmth on my face is a delight,
I so love your radiant sight
I offer water from my hands
And shells found in my salted sands
I hold you dear, so dear

I crumble mountains with my beams,
raise your lakes, replenish all streams
and stormy skies erupt from me,
and my rains crash down.
For now hide your eyes in my embrace,
my mere sight may set them ablaze,
my fire, my passion, my golden eyes...

It's better if you just hold tight,
For soon enough comes the night - and glows my coolest moon.

Your night is too cold, your moon too gray,
Brother, stay with me, don't go away.
Why do I find myself alone without love
while you glow in heavens above?
I hold you dear, so dear.

You and I have our parts to play,
I turn night back into the day
while you exist to witness for me
my shear majesty.
-- todo --

Original Translation


My heaven blue with golden arc
My towering clouds and crystals of ice
The comets, the moons, and the planets,
ah, all revolves 'round me.
And through the gate of whitest clouds
till deep beneath the waves pervades
my fire, my love, itself in the earth
And along the water plays a child
And all the shells that they find glisten when I smile

Your warmth on my face is a delight,
I so love the copper hues of your light
I give you water in my hand
And shells from the salted sand
I hold you dear, so dear

I tear rocks apart with my beams
Raise the lakes in the valleys
and stormy skies they run from me,
ah, when the rain pours down.
Hide your eyes in my embrace
Before my smile sets them ablaze
My fire, my love, my golden eyes
It's better if you wait a while
Because soon comes the night and shines the cool moon

The night is too cold, the moon too gray
Please, take me with you to your heavenly place
There I want to be alone with you
Beaming in your heavenly blue
I hold you dear, so dear

When I intend to warm the earth
I allow her to live in my embrace
From stars I weaved the distance,
ah, the northern lights.
But sometimes I am as boiling lead
I am the living and the dead
In fire, in love, in all the ages
My child, I comfort you, look above
Today I span my rainbow
It is just for you.

No, not for a second do I stand still
I'd rather burn, take me with you
No man can force my will
When you sleep in the sea tonight
No life that I didn't begin
And fly along your heavenly orbit
You can't love the sun
I don't want to leave you anymore.

I hold you dear, so dear
I hold you dear, so dear
I hold you dear, so dear
I hold you dear, so dear