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History of Bhreia

This historical record simplifies the world's commonly accepted creation mythology and world events. Until writing systems developed, the Peoples of Bhreia transmitted these stories verbally through the generations. Different Peoples have different versions of these stories, and some even differ from town to town. So, details may be wrong, and timelines may be muddled, but this still represents the most complete and accepted account available.

The Peoples of Bhreia mark the passage of 1000-year periods in intervals named Ages (occasionally Aeons). Bhreia is currently in its Fourth Age, which started about 80 years ago. The year is 3079 or 3080 at the start of Dauriel's Mansion and 🔐 Blue Skies, respectively. This dating system indicates that the world is only about 4000 years old.


To learn more about the passage of time, check out the Calendar page, which contains more information than you'll ever need.

History by Age