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🔐 Dauriel's Letters to Hanlar


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Letter 1

Dated 3058

It pains me to hear that your daughter has eloped with one of my employees without your permission. I will take your advice to terminate Malachi Medeid from my employ under advisement. Yet, from what I understand, the two are very happy.

Letter 2

Dated 3058

My friend, there's no need to threaten me nor my business. If you do not wish me to broach this subject with you, I won't and will keep things professional. I trust the shipment of longswords is on its way to Donitar by the time you receive this.

Letter 3

Dated 3060

It seems that the latest batch of arrowhead enhancements have been well received, my congratulations on the innovation! But I hear that you are causing trouble in town at night. Are the rumors true? Please, Hanlar, if you need help or need a place to stay, Moreus and I are only a few hours away.

Letter 4

Dated 3062

Hanlar, I heard about your drunken run in with Phidippus. Please, let us discuss this in private soon! The old spider is not to be messed with. It might be prudent on your end to apologize.

Letter 5

Dated 3062

My friend, you are very ill. I shall ignore the nasty things you have called me in your previous letter. Since I have handed over control of the company, there's no need for me send correspondence to the forge. However, I value our old friendship and wish to keep it intact.

Letter 6

Dated 3062

Hanlar, I am sorry to hear that you made that decision. So, since this then will be my final letter to you, know that I have kept contact with Sophia and Malachi, who ever remains in Aldarion Unlimited employ. You will be pleased to know that you have a healthy grandson, named Tiran. He takes after his mother, strong of will and body. They are happy, secure, and safe where they are. If you ever should wish to contact them, I suggest you sober up. Goodbye old friend.