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Primani is the primordial god of life and explicitly living creatures.

For living plant life/nature, see Melora.

Pronunciation: pre-mah-nee

Plane of Existence: Bhreia, the wilderness

Domains: All life.

Primani is the primordial goddess responsible for filling the world with all of the beasts, great and small alike. Together with Melora, she also created all of the people that walk the world. She is worshipped by most for her fruitful gifts to the world and by parents wanting to conceive. Though worshipped, and her continuing effects still clearly visible on a daily basis, she has not reappeared in the world since the early ages. What happened to Primani after Melora left her is not known.

In art, a faceless pregnant woman of ample proportions is commonly used to represent her.


DM: Supplemental Facts

After Melora left her, she went into the internal plane of darkness to look after the spirits that previously inhabited her creations. Here, she began to appreciate the depth of Dhoutr and they together began creating more life, mostly deities. The fact that all life can trace its life to Primani, even monstrous and terrible, is not known to the inhabitants of the living world.

Hidden Children:

Etymology (Meta)

From Latin primus (before, first), and animus (breath, life), meaning first life or before life.

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