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Session 19

Date: Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (3h5m, 169MB)


Upon arriving at Wolf's cabin, you met young Leca Zan, a Tiefling squatter holed up in the place for the past year with her pet dog, Cricket. When she realized that Wolf was the cabin's owner, she immediately planned to leave, but Wolf offered her the opportunity to stay and take care of the place while he traveled.

While Wolf took a bath in the creek behind his cabin, he got the impression that someone was watching him. Though, even when presenting himself as a target, he was not attacked.

After properly making Leca's acquaintance and eating some rabbit stew, most of you went to sleep after a long day's journey. During the first watch, Clank bolted off into the woods and slew a panther after being given strict orders to ask for permission before attacking. During the second watch, a disembodied voice woke Wolf.

The voice mentioned that though he narrowly escaped prosecution yesterday, he is in the company of a wanted outlaw today. A Leonin and a Yuan-Ti emerged in the tobacco field and offered Wolf the chance to surrender.

Wolf told them to fuck off.

The Yuan-Ti said they'd do it the hard way and several Aldarion Unlimited guards appeared from the woods surrounding the cabin. Combat ensued, and the foes were dispatched, except for a single guard.

This seventeen-year-old boy laid down his weapon and approached you all with his hands raised high.

While searching the Leonin's cleft corpse, Sebastian found written orders to follow Wolf after his legal predicaments. Wolf theorized that the guards finding Leca living here was probably accidental. Tiran mentioned that they could confirm that by interrogating the surviving guard.

And that's where we left off.