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The Silver Spider

All kings and queens of Silubria are named Gajarta, which is both a title and a name inherited by the heir to the throne. However, the very first ruler of Silubria was simply Gajarta of Sarapum, born and raised in the mountains of the silver island. Though, he did have a nickname: The Silver Spider.

The truth of why he was called that is lost in the sands of time, though some theories exist. Some claim he was adept at climbing vertical surfaces like a spider. Others believe that though Silubria is home to primarily Humans and Elves, Gajarta the 1st was something else entirely and could be found crawling on the palace ceilings at night. However, most believe he was named The Silver Spider because he had spindly legs and white hair.

Whatever the truth is, Silubria owes its existence to its fabled progenitor, Gajarta of Sarapum.


Main article: Dhoutr.

Dhoutr, the deity of Death, has many followers across Bhreia who congregate in temples commonly found in large population centers. There are two main distinguishing features of these temples: first, they are constructed from oily black stone, simply enough named Black Stone, and secondly, they host at least two tall pillars per temple on the temple grounds.

These fifty-foot pillars are the final destinations for the most devout followers of Dhoutr, the Santekka, or Stylites in the common tongue. The Stylites ascend these pillars and remain seated atop them until they die from starvation.

Occasionally, elemental forces remove Stylites from their pillars., When this happens, they must beg to be re-seated by other followers if they can no longer physically ascend. Stylites must survive for at least two days to fulfill their holy duty or be doomed to wander the infinite fields outside Dhoutr's inner sanctuary, forever looking for a way inside.

Fun fact: If lightning strikes a Stylite and kills them, this death is seen as most unfavorable. Dhoutr, or so the followers claim, requires suffering since life is suffering. A lack of suffering in this life means eternal suffering in the afterlife.