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Session 30

Date: February 24, 2023

While attempting to get in touch with his familiar, Sebastian felt a distinct absence. Fearing the worst, he called his hawk to him, who appeared before him, distressed. The image stuck in the poor creature's mind was that of big teeth near the water.

Sah-Sauj appeared from the memorial, chasing his dragonfly, which had grown enough in size to ride it. And, so naturally, he did.

While Sah-Sauj flew around the grassy area surrounding the monument, Sebastian and his hawk spotted a group of travelers approaching. He quickly called down the stairwell and the party began to ascend. But not before the travelers had arrived.

They were an Aldarion Unlimited transport and a single priest dressed in black robes. They quickly discovered the corpse left on the field by Sah-Sauj, who tried to play it off like he was surprised as well. While the rest of the gang was held up in the staircase, Sebastian tried to distract and persuade the transport guards, but eventually and inevitably, this all still led to a fight.

The guards went down fast and only one of them was killed while the others were simply incapacitated. But the priest in black robes took a bit longer, and when he felt threatened enough, summoned three shadowy doglike creatures who appeared from the nearby treeline.

The priest was eventually slain, but not before grinning menacingly at Sebastian and disappearing into a cloud of black whispy smoke.

Yet, the dog creatures remain. And that's where we left off.