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Slay, Inc. Session 3

Date: June 15th, 2022 @ 21:00 CT

Audio: MP3 (2h 36m)


Braggish washed up on a beach near an abandoned coastal town. He found an old Orcish corpse in a broken-down windmill, carrying weapons. However, as he looted it, a swarm of tiny crabs attacked him, soon followed by big old momma crab. He burned down the windmill and managed to save himself, and soon after was whisked away by Yil Romka's portal into the cave with the rest of his company.

When Braggish entered, Sebastian disappeared through another portal. Now rested, everyone set out towards a large opening on the west where Spinny had noticed two distant creatures before.

Shivering in fear, you found two goblins (Braggish Jr. and Grno) hiding from a Shadow Demon who had just killed two of their friends.

You took the battle to the Shadow Demon almost immediately and got a few good hits on him before he managed to sneak away. While searching the cave for him, you heard a scream and found Braggish Jr. dead on the ground with the Shadow Demon standing over his corpse.

Now that he was once again visible, you quickly dispatched the demon. Only Grno, the goblin, remained.

Searching the cave, you found a hidden room containing a chest filled with loot. In this hidden room, you found a passage to a second hidden room where you found an old Orcish corpse in what seemed to be a secret hideaway.

Creepy messages written in blood decorated the walls and the floor of this place: "They Watch" with a drawing of an eye, "Death for War for Peace," and the word "Kill" on one side of her, and the word "Escape" on the other.

The cave seemed empty: no more enemies, no traps, no secrets. It seemed like you finished the job, but the portal did not reappear.

And this is where we left off.