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🔐 Ix's Locker


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Inside Ix's locker are the following items:

Gold Coin

A magical golden coin that can be picked up, but once placed on something, will hold down anything it's in until it's picked up again. This coin creates immovable objects.

Boobli Skurk

A dust-covered bottle made from alligator skin holding a highly alcoholic liquid made from seaweed named Boobli Skurk.

Silver Tongue

A matchbox wrapped in twine holds a long, wriggling, wet, pointed silver tongue. If someone is brave enough to place this in their mouth, they will be able to talk their way out of almost any situation.

Though, sometimes the tongue may implore you to say things you don't want it to. Maybe that's why it was tucked away safely.


When worn, add 1d6 to any Charisma based roll.

On critical failure, ask what happens.

The Devil's Sack

A leather pouch made from the scrotum of a large red devil. You can't quite figure out what kind of devil, but it's only slightly smaller than a backpack. Inside of this pouch:

  • A braid of thick black hair about 3 feet long
  • Two purple crystal spheres
  • A tied-up bunch of barbs from a Barbed Devil
  • A small statue of a fat man, greasy to the touch
  • A smaller pouch containing various spices, herbs, and seeds


A six-pack of Aldarion Unlimited potions of greater healing bottled in Rivoni Springs.

Tiefling Fire Blade

(Flame Tongue Scimitar)

You hold a scimitar forged in the infernal blaze of mount Rokta in Ilminor. Its blade is made from a pitch black material resembling flame-licked rock, but as sharp as any steel blade. This is a Tiefling weapon through and through. Oh, and it produces flames when you speak the words engraved on its hilt: "Hnas Dhoutr," meaning "guide me, Dhoutr."