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Pelang Box

The Pelang Box is a small 6x6x6 inch box constructed from Stonewood native to Yungxi's easternmost islands.

The box opens by speaking the Yungxi symbols on it aloud:

  • Small - Ié
  • Sky - Dzhe
  • Horse - Ghun

With the puzzle solved, the box splits open along the seams and unfolds to reveal a silver dragonfly. It will hover above the box until one of these conditions is met:

  • The dragonfly is touched
  • The box is folded shut (will revert to a previous state)

When the dragonfly is touched, it will fly off into the sky and expand in size. It can fit three medium-sized riders and can be flown for two hours before it requires a recharge. Its fly speed is 80 ft.

The dragonfly cannot attack and is considered an automaton.

On the inside of the box is a carving of an island and Yungxi words:

  • Sunrise - Loh-gua
  • Two - Te
  • Day - Lom

If the dragonfly is flown in the direction of the sunrise for two days straight, the riders will arrive at 🔐 Loh-Gua Island island from wherever they are. If the intent is to reach Loh-Gua and the dragonfly flies in its direction, it will not require a recharge until it has reached the island.