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Rhea Feldspar

Rhea Feldspar

A portrait of Rhea Feldspar.

Rhea Feldspar is the wife of Junior Feldspar and cook and hostess at Jonah's Denn.

She's a dedicated hostess who always puts her patrons' needs before her own.


  • Pale and gaunt
  • Lethargic and always tired
DM: Supplemental facts

Further Appearance

  • Scars on her palms from bloodletting (DC 15 Perception)

Rhea Feldspar (b. 3037, nÊe Lakeman, a modern version of "of Leikon") is the wife of Junior Feldspar and distant descendant of Cauldin of Leikon. After getting married to Junior, she has become possessed by the 🔐 Jonah's Demon and began reforming the 🔐 Cult of Amalchi. She works as the cook and hostess at the inn.

DM: Condition

Demonic Possession

Child Sacrifice. Rhea and Junior's marriage has been marked by heartache after heartache. However, Rhea is well aware what causes it: her demon. They have been trying to conceive since their wedding night, but each time she gets pregnant, the demon demands its life. The half-formed child is born and used in sacrifice to Amalchi in 🔐 Cauldin's Tomb. Rhea has been forced by the demon to reform the Cult of Amalchi and has been preparing the ancient underground complex for Amalchi's pending arrival.

Denial Ad Absurdum. Regardless of any checks or persuasions made to try to get her to admit to being a cultist or any kind of cult activities, she will deny. She is possessed and Dhoutr speaks through her.

Lifting the Curse. Rhea was not aware of her bloodline and if her curse is somehow lifted, will be beyond grateful, though she may not be able to live with the memories of the sacrifices. She does not want this curse and does not want Amalchi to return.