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Minduran II

Minduran II was born Yaajir, a Cuniko from Cuaña who lived sometime during the late Second Age. A local war displaced him from his home country and after stowing aboard a freighter, he ended up in Korbantir. Here, he roamed the streets of Donitar as a beggar and thief, leading an overall deeply miserable existence.

Penniless, sick, and hopeless, as he lay in an alley at night curled up between mounds of trash, Yaajir decided to drown himself to end his miserable life in the morning. That night, Yaajir dreamed of a faceless woman, whose body was half shattered, but still held together. Her hair surrounded her entire body like the wings of an angel as she floated toward him, holding a glowing orb in her right hand. She laid bare her divine wisdom. And when she spoke, Yaajir changed forever.

That morning, Yaajir changed his name to Minduran, after an ancient priest of Primani famous for establishing the first temple of Primani in Korbantir in Korban's Landing. This is where he traveled along Korban's Way, stopping only once at 🔐 Korban's Memorial to rest for three days when his feet became too raw to walk further.


When he arrived at the temple, legend says he placed his hand on the altar and from the surface of the stone slab, produced a glowing white orb. Holding it high above his head, he proclaimed to be "Minduran the Second, a prophet of Bhreia herself," the personification of the world. Then and there, he made three prophecies.

  1. The Third Age shall be an age of relentless war.
  2. During the Fourth Age The Brother and the Sister shall either join together or perish, causing the end of time.
  3. The Fourth Age shall be the final age.


After this, Minduran II exiled himself from society and exclusively wrote his visions of Bhreia. While initially his recorded visions were shared with the populace at large, due to their unlikely (and occasionally explicit) nature, the priests of Primani's temple kept them hidden away.

However, some of the observations from Minduran II's writings made it into the zeitgeist.

Bhreia appears either as having a shattered body or as made of soil.

Where her face should be there isn't one according to Minduran II's visions, though he does say she can take any shape she likes.

Bhreia is occasionally seen by Minduran II holding a glowing white orb. The significance of this orb was unknown to him, but the direct parallel to the orb pulled from the altar is undeniable. This led some scholars to believe that the presence of the orb was a precursor to prophecy.

Minduran II claims time and again that he and Bhreia were intimate on more than one occasion. Frequently, a graphic description prefaces the event before the vision itself.


Details surrounding Minduran II's death are vague. There are two rumors about how Minduran II met his fate.

The first: After claiming to have had a threesome with Bhreia and Primani in one of his visions, the priests of Primani promptly ejected him onto the street. Having no support, yet still plagued by visions, it is thought that Minduran II simply disappeared in the crowd of faceless beggars in Korban's Landing where he died anonymously.

The second: This account is said to be witnessed by a hall-boy in the temple who would secretly watch Minduran II have his visions from a hiding spot. The hall-boy claimed to see Minduran II enter a trance and have seizures. Minduran II laughed and grunted loudly during this event and simply dropped dead out of his chair. The priests later quietly buried him together with all of his recorded visions in an unmarked grave on the temple property.


While there is no doubt that Minduran II existed (there are many extant verifiable records), many doubt the veracity of his visions. While it is true that the Third Age was an age of relentless war, none of his other claims could be backed up by evidence. Due to the explicit and taboo content of his visions, not many scholars study his claims and surviving records. Though he is the only prophet of Bhreia, more than a thousand years after his death, Minduran II is relegated to footnotes and lists of historical crackpots.