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Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!


They're in a gameshow. Foreigners are expected to go through a system of brackets until one group is left.

They aren't made aware of this until AFTER the first battle when they emerge in a giant arena with 15,000 people cheering.

The king and his two wives will be introduced to them by the king's wizard and advisor. His spell focus is a staff with an eye in it, through which he can broadcast the game in the arena.

The wizard is an agent of Urlac, and the eye visible in the wand is that of Urlac.

The wizard opens and closes portals to locations where the party is needed to act. Once the deeds are complete, the portal appears again.

Story Arc

Act I:

  • Call to adventure by the king.
  • Arrival in Silubria, some hints of strange things going on.
  • Meeting the king, signing the contract.
  • Getting geared up, then transported to combat.
  • First combat against goblins and other foreign adventurers.
  • Enter the arena and find out the truth.

Act II:

  • More combat. Rinse and repeat.
  • Win the tournament.
  • Get a room in the palace, gain fame in the capital.
  • The next tournament starts, they are the defenders of the title.
  • Special treatment, invitations, etc.
  • Occasionally, they see hints of previous combatants
  • Hints of Urlac's involvement
  • Many adventures.


  • Confrontation with Urlac
  • Resolution and return


  • The royal family has been running a battle royale for generations
  • Why?
    • It's to appease the god Urlac
  • Why does Urlac need appeasing?
    • The entire world is at war except for Silubria. Urlac wanted to expand his war there, but the royal family struck a deal with him. The games are a way of sacrificing endless people to the god.