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Korban's Landing

Korban's Landing

The map of Korban's Landing. See the map labels section below for information on points of interest. Click the image to download the full-sized version.


This page may still change, but is mostly complete and accurate.

Korban's Landing is a port city located on the eastern coast of Korbantir, bordering the Sea of Korban. It is also historically significant in that it was the first meeting place between elves and humans. Its namesake Korban sailed from Darvia and landed here, meeting the brothers Cauldin of Leikon and Donitar of Leikon. See the Korbantir page for details on this event.

Currently, it serves as the most important shipping port east of the two lakes, providing access to the eastern lands and fast naval routes south. It is also an important city for migration in and out of Korbantir by neighboring countries.

Artificial Features

Listed here are some notable constructed features in and around the city.


While none of these neighborhoods are explicitly named, they are known to the people of Korban's Landing by these names.

Ashwood Heights: West of the Marisian Trail and north of Korban's way is defined by the presence of a temple of Melora and high-status mansions. A highly affluent area, still part of the city, but far away from the docks and fish market to be generally unencumbered by smells.

The Old City: East of the Marisian Trail and north of the Korban's Tears river including the docks, fish market, shops, and dockworker housing. This part of the city is built on top of the original settlement.

The Haunches: Mostly referring to the entire area south of the Korban's Tears river. Includes dockworker housing, landfills, taverns, shantytowns, stables, construction yards, and is generally defined by its excessive poverty.


The road entering the city from the west and terminating at its center is named Korban's Way. The closest town west along this route is Cauldin's Point, several days away.

DM: Western Approach

You crest one final hill and, for a moment, stop at its apex to take in the sprawling city a few miles ahead. Situated on Korbantir's eastern coast is Korban's Landing, the country's second-largest port city and economic powerhouse. Judging by the massive harbor complex running the entire city's length, you don't doubt this fact for a moment. Fishing vessels, haulers, and ocean transports of all origins and sizes swarm the city's bay like water bugs while an endless trail of cargo wagons circulates its roads.

The city's original center, now a neighborhood named The Old City, hugs the main port where dozens of massive ocean-faring vessels lay moored. Even from this distance, you can see the harbor bustling with innumerable longshoremen and sailors hauling cargo. This is where the Eastern half of Korbantir handles its imports and exports with the rest of the world. The shops and stores of The Old City, encircled by the ruins of the limestone city wall, are where you get the best deals in the country.

South of The Old City is the neighborhood known as The Haunches, home to dry docks, shipyards, factories, warehouses, landfills, and most of their workforce. While The Old City is its literal center, The Haunches contains the city's heart and soul -- for better or worse.

You continue down the hill and approach the western part of the city, a neighborhood named Ashwood Heights. This is the city's most affluent neighborhood, where most villas are protected by private security and spike-topped walls, keeping the riff-raff out. It's named after the Ashwood forest surrounding it, forming a natural barrier against the odors of the fishing industry. Ashwood Heights houses the homes and second homes of many a royal, religious leader, and other important figures.

Welcome to Korban's Landing.

The road that bisects the city and runs from north to south is named the Marisian Trail.

Points of Interest

These are well-known places in the city.

  1. Grimhold Prison: Nestled within the confines of The Haunches is the maximum security prison holding a total of 1,500 inmates. Grimhold prison serves the eastern half of Korbantir. A sister prison is located near Donitar, which serves the western half of the country. Executions are held within the gated-in area of the prison but are viewable by the public.
  2. Docks District: Korban's Landing's famous docks district is always bustling with passengers, dock workers, and immigrants seeking a better future in Korbantir. Several shipping companies make their home along the waterfront, crammed with warehouses, taverns, and brothels to serve the insatiable desires of sailors and longshoremen.
  3. Fish Market: The second largest fish market in Korbantir sits directly between the Marisian Trail and the coast, only beaten in size by the one in Crabpot.
  4. Temple of Melora: A large temple of Melora stands at the crossing of Korban's Way and the Marisian Trail.
  5. Aldarion Unlimited Barracks: Aldarion Unlimited has a permanent presence in Korban's Landing and built an enormous barracks for their adventuring employees who constantly travel between countries.
  6. Prince Callum's Mansion: The crown prince's youngest brother took a liking to the port city and built himself a home in the most affluent area of the city.
  7. Temple of Dhoutr: The temple of Dhoutr is located directly east of the Aldarion Unlimited barracks. Its interior is closed to the public, but the priests occasionally stage public events on their grounds.
  8. The Haunches Landfill: Jam-packed with the nauseating refuse of fishing vessels and general town waste, the landfill central to The Haunches is surely a sight to behold and continues growing.
  9. Shipyard: The ships built here are famous for their nimbleness on the open seas.
  10. Lighthouse: Built on the place where the Leikon brothers were supposed to have first spotted Korban approach. Eventually a signal fire was lit here to aid Darvian sailors, and finally replaced with this lighthouse.
DM Only: Other Places


  • 🔐 Ejol's Emporium - magical items (chain store)
  • Arcane Attic (Ellegrin Snunders, old gnome male) - used magical items
  • Blacksmith Braggish (Braggish of the Prod'ash clan) - armor and weapons
  • Gemma Jean (Gemma Jean Cooke) - gemstones
  • Killiam's Kit - adventuring gear and general store
  • Lexander Alchemical - potions
  • Utra's Boutique (Utra Balonk) - clothing

Taverns and Inns:

  • The Salt Lick - Harbor tavern (no inn)
  • The Breezy Merman - A same-sex bar in the harbor near the Salt Lick.
  • Gigglemug's - Ashwood Heights fancy inn
  • Jugascuzz - The Haunches terrible inn
  • Caravan Inn - A chain inn, a safe, but boring choice


  • Palinotra Pig - a very fancy restaurant
  • Rayna's Castle (Rayna Drenthe) - fish burgers



  • Bannaboona's Den - Boona gang hideout + gambling
  • Mr. Mota's Shadow Theater - shadow puppet theater
DM Only: Blue Streak

The blue streak on the map represents the path of destruction that 🔐 Amalchi caused while flying over the city. The temple and the houses are being rebuilt, but are still mostly in ruins.

DM Only: Lighthouse

The lighthouse keeper is a wizard, and has a magic shop at the bottom of the tower in what's usually the keeper's house.


Population estimates:

  • Citizens within city limits: 7,500
  • Transitory: 2,300 (including sailors, migrants, travelers, etc.)
  • Surrounding region: 2,000 (farms, hamlets, etc.)
  • Total: 11,800

Geographical Features

Listed here are some notable natural features in and around the city.


The river north of the city is named the Palinotra River. The origins of its name have been lost to the ages, the name "Palinotra" is not found anywhere else in Korbantir.

The river that runs through the center of town is named Korban's Tears and provides a steady flow of clean fresh water to the city.

The river south of the city is named Ravenwood Stream and due to being polluted upstream, contains water unsuitable for consumption.

Sea Lanes

Below is a list of sea lanes that have Korban's Landing as a point along their paths.


  • Hithe Route: Crabpot ↔ Hithe
  • Dimeola Route: Crabpot ↔ Dimeola
    • This is mainly a tourism route, driven by Dual Sound Bluff on Dimeola Island.
  • Donitar Route: Basford ↔ Salwen ↔ Donitar
    • Botlek in Netherwood is a frequent stop along the way, though sailing directly to Basford is just as common, but more demanding on crews.


  • Mirini Route: directly via the Sea of Korban, through Mirini Bay
    • A dangerous route that takes weeks of crossing through the open seas.
  • Rivoni Route: directly to Rivoni Springs, or via Hithe or Crabpot
    • The busiest international sea lane at Korban's Landing.
  • Darvia Route: directly to Aneonok, but shares part of the Donitar Route
  • High Maris, extends Hithe Route
  • Low Maris, extends the Rivoni Route
  • Netherwood, extends the Donitar Route
  • Barou, extends the Donitar Route
  • Cuaña, extends the Donitar Route