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Session 32

Date: September 27, 2023

While leaving the Salt Lick, you ran into Tom Wake, Pasha's old boss. He looked busy but wanted to meet up with Pasha in the evening to talk about things. When you agreed, he quickly skittered off in the back of the Salt Lick.

In town, you had some magical items that you found identified after which you set off to find Ix's mom. In The Haunches, you found a guy playing a guitar named Walker who knew of Ix and his mother. While initially reluctant, he took you to see the old lady.

Before Tiran could tell her that her son was dead, Walker interjected and sang her her favorite song. It seemed to take the edge off her a bit, and when Tiran asked about it, she told you what she though the name of the song was.

Though when Tiran eventually told her of her son's fate, she told you to get the fuck off her porch. You did, but Pasha left behind the journal of the girl ultimately responsible for her son's death.

For a bit of gold, Walker told you the location of the address on your note. Though when you arrived, you realized that you were in the wrong part of town. After some more searching in the Old City, you finally found the address where, once inside, you were lead to a locker which you opened by speaking the passphrase "From the depths, across the plains."

Inside you found a bunch of strange items: a gold coin that seemed to weigh things down, a strange bottle made from alligator skin, a matchbox wrapped in twine, a six-pack of potions of greater healing, and a large leathered scrotum containing even more items. Chiefly among them all, a scimitar made of a rough black material, inscribed with words in infernal. None of you knew how to speak infernal though, so you went back to the Salt Lick.

Everyone except Gadot, who went to visit a magic shop named the Arcane Attic where he spoke with its owner, Ellegrin Snunders, an elderly gnomish man. He asked Gadot some questions and grew a bit concerned as he heard more details. Gadot was told to bring Tiran and the sword to the shop, perhaps under false pretenses so Ellegrin could figure out the situation and potentially buy the sword if it could be neutralized.

In the evening, you met up with Tom Wake at the Salt Lick who brought two companions with him. One of which was Chickadee, Dauriel Aldarion's Tabaxi housekeeper who you met a year ago. She also recognized you and was surprised to learn that you survived the explosion of Cauldin's Point. As she sat down, you noticed that she was holding hands with a human man.

Tom wanted Pasha to rejoin the crew since he's fallen on hard time ever since he left and has resorted to taking on passengers to make ends meet. He seemed desperate and offered to make Pasha half owner if he would just rejoin. Pasha said that he could after wrapping up his current affairs.

Sebastian asked Tom if he knew of a place where you could acquire dirt from the deepest depths of the ocean. Tom said that you'd need specialized equipment to go there. When asked if he knew anyone with such equipment, he said yes, but was hesitant to give any more information since there would be strings attached. Strings attached to the wrong kind of crowd. Though you said that Tom didn't have to be involved, he said that he'd rather introduce you to the guy who owned the equipment since he wouldn't trust strangers.

When Tiran ordered another drink, his eye fell on the portait on the Korbantirian copper piece. A striking resemblance to the man who was sitting with Chickadee. Chickadee filled you in on some of the things that happened while you were in the blue void. The town had exploded and Amalchi in his dragon form had traveled east. In his path, he had destroyed part of the temple of Melora here in Korban's Landing and then resumed east across the water. Nobody had recovered the bodies of Dauriel or his husband Moreus. She spent most of the year in the survivors' camp and left when all hope of seeing Dauriel again was lost and in the face or rising anti-Tabaxi sentiment.

She met Callum in Korban's Landing and stayed in the city for a while falling in love and planning to run away together. When Tiran heard the name Callum, he got confirmation that this person was Prince Callum of the royal house of Korbantir. Tiran asked him if he was okay with leaving everything behind, and knowing what he was implying, Callum said that he'd rather leave it behind. Tiran asked if he was afraid that people would come looking for him. Callum said that Marram is a large place and rather unexplored.

Wolf, listening to this story, and being distrustful in nature kept a close watch on Callum's mannerisms, but eventually determined that he was sincere. Perhaps naive, maybe stupid, but sincere nonetheless.

Tom Wake gave a recommendation to Madame Mollisher's, a place of rest and pleasure, as he put it, and said to meet him at his ship, The Beacon, in the morning to talk business.

But before that happened, Tiran bet Tom that the half-orc bar maid, Ana, couldn't pick up the big red nutsack for 5 gold pieces. Reluctant to touch a giant nutsack, she told Tiran to buy her a drink if she could lift it. Though she tugged on Tiran's nutsack with all her might, she could not get a release. But, even though she lost, Tiran bought her a drink anyway. A working girl gets paid.

Everyone but Wolf, who went to sleep in the stables with Ramona, went off to Madame Mollisher's.