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Junior Feldspar

Junior Feldspar

Portrait of Junior Feldspar.

Jonah Feldspar Jr. (b. 3028) runs Jonah's Denn inn in Cauldin's Point. He is married to Rhea Feldspar.


  • Spindly thin with long limbs
  • A thick beard, not very well maintained
  • Dull blue eyes
  • Bald head
DM: Supplemental Facts

Due to their inability to conceive, he will be the last owner of Jonah's Denn, which might be just as well since the place has fallen into disrepair under his management.

Demonic Inheritance

Junior has inherited the demon statue from his father, although in this case, the demon hasn't taken over Junior's life. Instead, it waited for Junior to get married to Rhea Feldspar and possessed her instead. Read her entry for horrible details...

DM: Stats

Junior is a Commoner, his club is named "Junior Jr."