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🔐 Wolf's House


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

During the year that Wolf wasn't present in his home, a young woman named 🔐 Leca Zan has taken up residence in Wolf's house.

Coming up on the Cabin

Not too far from the cabin, the adventurers hear a song played on a fiddle. It's poorly played and whoever is playing keeps trying to get it right.

As they approach the cabin, they can see fresh rabbit skins drying on a tanning rack and the smell of rabbit stew permeates the air.

Before they can approach the fiddler, Cricket, the dog, will come running towards the adventurers and jump happily, licking their hands and faces. Cricket will run back to Leca, who's sitting on a bench overlooking the vegetable garden, trying to play Wolf's fiddle.

The Cabin

The cabin is constructed out of bulky pine logs and is mostly overgrown with mosses and grasses. It is so camouflaged that if you were to look from the road, you would never know it was even there. It's purpose-built for a single person and features a single living area with a loft used for sleeping above it, accessible by a wooden ladder.

A lean-to stands beside the building meant for drying tobacco leaves and a small earthen oven for baking.

Standing in front of the cabin, the fiddling is louder and they can hear Leca talk to Cricket, asking why she's so worked up. The garden is visible now, and looks maintained. New vegetables are growing and Wolf's tobacco plants are thriving.

Meeting Leca

Leca is still trying to play the fiddle when they approach her. She's wearing green pants and a black tank top, her jacket tied around her waste.

She immediately stops when she sees them and tells them that she doesn't want any trouble.

She will offer to leave and take her stuff, but she doesn't want any trouble.


Unbeknownst to the adventurers, they have been distantly followed by Aldarion Unlimited guards who are ensuring that they aren't causing any more trouble. They have stealthily followed them to Wolf's house where they now see Leca, a wanted outlaw, and will attempt to intervene. They will attack if necessary.

Inquisitor Ryssha and his companion, Kirenka (see 🔐 The Assaulted Halfling) will follow a few hours after the guards have sent word. If Leca and the group stay at the house for the night, Ryssha will turn into his snake form and enter the building.

They may hear a rustling as he slithers in through a crack in the wall or momentarily opens the door.

Someone must beat a DC 17 Stealth to see Ryssha in the cabin. If he is caught, he will message Kirenka to appear with two Aldarion Unlimited guards.

Depending on the scene Ryssha sees, he will confront Wolf via the Message spell.

Hear me, Wolf. You've narrowly escaped one charge in Cauldin's Point and now I find you cavorting with an outlaw not one day later. You understand what must be done here.

Nate's Chat

Eddy: Hey dude. So, within the next few sessions there will be a distinct possibility of the gang either going to Wolf's home or at least passing it. Do you have some high level details on what should at least be there? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, a list will suffice if you don't have much time, but anything helps.
Nate: So I imagine Wolf's "house" as a semi-permanent bushcraft shelter that has been upgraded over the years to be more permanent. Something close to a primitive log cabin. So it's small and kind of built into the area using the landscape to help disguise it. It would be somewhat deep into the forest as he wouldn't want it easy to find but it's been lived in for so long that it stands out as a man-made structure if one is close enough. Nearby would be his tobacco and vegetable garden that is fenced and gated to keep Ramona from eating it all. The area around the shelter would be well worn from Ramona's grazing and both of them moving about. Although I suppose now it is overgrown from time's passage. Here are some images that convey what I imagine in my head.
Eddy: Do you have some kind of inventory in mind? I remember you talked about taking fiddle during the first session or so
Nate: I imagine more loggy than not. So he would have had some basics for harvesting and planting tobacco and root veg. Probably ate a lot of rabbit stew lol. Yeah he left the fiddle back at his house. Most of his cooking gear he had with him and was left in the cart pre-dragon attack. But the bigger stuff would be at the cabin still. I imagine a basic stone hearth and perhaps an open air lean-to for drying the tobacco leaves and storing some stuff in crates and barrels.