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Jonah's Denn

Cauldin's Point

The broken sign outside of the inn.

An Inn in Cauldin's Point. Run by:

Kick off point for the adventure. This is where the invitation tells the adventurers to meet up.

DM: Overview

Originally named "Jonah's Demon Inn," Jonah's Denn received its current name when part of the sign fell off and people assumed that the M were two Ns with strange kerning.

Opened by Jonah Feldspar in 3021, the inn has been a staple location for travelers in the region. It is still run by Jonah's son, Junior Feldspar.

DM: Flavor Text

If you believed that the broken wooden sign precariously dangling above the door was a chance event, the interior of Jonah's Denn should cure you of such misgivings. As soon as you open the door, the sour aroma produced by generations of spilled ale soaked into the wooden floor announces its presence. You can almost taste the air in here; thick with stale belches, unwashed hair, and pipe smoke.

Daytime: Though it well into the day, a few of last night's barflies still linger, either passed out or in the process of doing so.

Nighttime: A few barflies are getting their soak for the night, and seem to be keeping mostly to their thoughts and nursing their drinks.

From behind the bar, a spindly bearded man wearing a stained apron eyes you cautiously as you enter the establishment.

DM: History

Jonah Feldspar (b. 2987 - d. 3068, age 81) was a geologist collecting mineral samples at the Kleftmon mountains. While digging, he stumbled upon a strange onyx statue and brought it with him on his way home to Korban's Landing. However, as he set up his tent in the woods outside of the town of Cauldin's Point, the statue spoke to him in his dreams and told him to build an inn right where he lay.

He did as he was told and opened the inn in 3021 and never went back home to Korban's Landing. Though he never knew it, the demon ordered him to build the inn atop the lost tomb of Cauldin of Leikon, capped by a large round stone, part of which is visible in the basement. Jonah hired people to run his inn and spent his days in his office upstairs talking to the statue and writing down the transcripts. If asked what he was doing, he answered "that's between me and my demon." Thus, soon, the place became known as Jonah's Demon Inn. When he passed away in his old age, the onyx statue made its way downstairs and currently sits on a shelf behind the bar, nestled between some bottles. However, Jonah's writings have never been found.

He did find time to procreate and find a wife, though there are some who argue that his demon ordered him to do so. His son, Junior Feldspar, was born in 3028 and took over the business when he was old enough.

DM: Basement Layout
  • One large room, filled with supplies.
  • A movable round (DC 20, Strength) natural stone on the floor, hiding the entrance to 🔐 Cauldin's Tomb.
DM: First Floor Layout

Amalchi Plaque

Amalchi's name engraved in old-common onto a plaque.

  • Common room with bar
  • Back room and storage
  • Kitchen
  • Private sitting room
    • Only for Dauriel Aldarion's associates
    • Kept on a retrainer
DM: First Floor Items
  • On a shelf behind the bar: an onyx statue containing the soul of a demon. Whoever takes it will eventually become possessed by this demon.
  • An old stone plaque on above the fireplace in the private sitting room, reading: ΑΜΑΛΧΙ (Amalchi/Amalxi) This is the password to the door into Cauldin's Tomb. It's written using a writing system no longer used, a precursor to common (this is the Greek alphabet). This plaque is owned by Rhea, Junior's wife and has been passed down her bloodline since the emtombing of Cauldin.
DM: Second Floor Layout


Amalchi's symbol carved into the bressumer.

  • Four rooms for rent (5sp/day)
  • Linen closet
DM: Second Floor Items

Hidden (DC 17, Investigation for the star) in a hollowed out bit of a bressummer (large wooden loadbearing ceiling joist): Jonah Feldspar's book of communication with his demon (🔐 Jonah's Journal). Its location is marked by a small five-pointed star carved into the wood.

DM: Third Floor (Attic) Layout
  • One large room for rent (8sp/day)
  • An office space, locked.
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