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🔐 AU's Original HQ


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

AU's Original HQ Sketch

A rough sketch of the original AU HQ layout.

The original Headquarters for Aldarion Unlimited, back when it was just five people trying to eke out a living doing local adventures, named "The Aldarion Adventurers." It's located an hour West of Cauldin's Point, still owned by Dauriel Aldarion, but has been abandoned and neglected for 35 years. Currently, the place, which isn't much more than a large cabin, is being squatted by a group of Goblins.

The Goblins really don't want to leave. They were born and bred here; this is their home. However, Dauriel Aldarion will offer it to the players in an optional Adventure Hooks.

The Goblins

The goblins are descendants and family of Grinta, one of the Aldarion Adventurers that died and never returned. The place was abandoned and the goblins set up their home here, waiting on their relative to return. Eventually, the place became their home. They are:

  • Grintani - Grinta's daughter, age 42
  • Tunaka - Grintani's husband (never met), age 48
  • Kabba - Grinta's grandson (never met), age 20
  • Jomi - Kabba's wife (never met), age 18
  • Eego - Son of Kabba and Jomi (never met), age 5

🔐 Phidippus, a wizard who lives nearby often pressures them to do dangerous tasks for little pay. He hasn't used violence against them, but he implies that he will use magic against them if they don't do his bidding. Currently, he has asked them to catch a Macoyii, which is tied up behind the cabin. Or is it? 1d2 chance it has bitten through the rope it was tied up with by Tunaka. He has given them a potion that will put the creature to sleep, but not told them how to use it.

Convince Phidippus to leave the goblins alone and they will leave without any issue. Otherwise, they won't give up the property.

Approaching the Cabin

Upon approaching, the adventurers can hear some voices.

Goblins Talking (English)

Grintani: Did you get the Macoyii for 🔐 Phidippus?
Tunaka: Yes, I tied it up behind the house.
Grintani: Great! Hopefully we'll get that magic bastard to stop bothering us.
Tunaka: Honey, we can only hope.
They laugh.
Grintani: Did you talk to Kabba about dinner?
Tunaka: Yeah, they're inside with Eego making some now.
Grintani: Great, let's eat!

They leave.

Goblins Talking (Ghukliak)

Grintani: Ta Macoyii ong 🔐 Phidippus?
Tunaka: Ee, vu deu ko kolohk.
Grintani: Han! Mis longat booyahg nah rakkt oons.
Tunaka: Skatti, oons tahan.
They laugh.
Grintani: Kabba zem yop?
Tunaka: Ee, Eego maggan io.
Grintani: Han, oons yop!


About the size of a large cabin.

The Hall

  • A small card table against the south wall, to the right of the front-door
    • 3 chairs around it.
  • A fireplace against the west wall
    • A stack of rotten logs beside it.
    • A loose pile of fresh kindling
  • A decrepit bear rug on the floor in front of the fireplace.
  • Two comfy chairs, facing the fireplace on top of the bear rug.
  • A large wooden rectangular dining table.
    • A mix of 8 chairs and stools
    • A brass pitcher
    • A footlocker inscribed with "Grinta"
      • A silver dagger
      • A cloak
      • A sketch of Grinta and the other adventurers, a little child goblin is also visible (this is Grintani)
  • A cabinet against the north wall.
  • Five visible doors.
    • West: leading outside to the yard.
    • Two north, leading into the bunk room.
    • North-east: leading into the storage room.
    • South-east: leading into the kitchen.
  • Brass drinking cups scattered randomly around the room.


  • 3 bunk beds (each with two single beds).
  • 3 foot lockers
    • The first, inscribed with the words "Grinta"
      • A blanket with many moth holes
      • The hilt of a scimitar
    • The second
      • A pair of boots without soles and laces
      • A map of Marram
    • The third, inscribed with the words "Tambo Rong"
      • The blade of a scimitar
      • The goblins' stash:
        • 12 gp
        • 80 ep
        • 130 sp
        • 200 cp
        • 1 obsidian gemstone
        • 1 bronze crown
  • 10 bed pans.
  • A pile of soiled bed sheets.


  • A large wooden shelving system
    • A bag of flour (old)
    • A tin of cookies (old)
    • 5 pounds of coffee (old)
    • Dried meat - venison and boar
    • A pile of fresh apples
    • A pile of root vegetables
  • A box containing vegetable seeds (some are viable)


  • A cast iron stove (works)
  • A large wash basin
  • A pile of fresh fire wood
  • Many dirty dishes


  • A 10x10 ft. shed containing various garden tools
  • A bath tub
  • A working water pump (underground well)
  • A straw man (for practicing sword fighting)
  • A leather tanning rack
  • A stack of uncut logs for firewood
  • An overgrown, but fenced in, vegetable patch
  • A Macoyii tied up behind the building
    • 50% chance it's gone, chewed through the rope