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Session 8: A Giant Puzzle

Date: 2022-01-10 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h56m)


Dauriel had a brief enough window of consciousness to give Sah-Sauj some information on what happened to Moreus. He told him that 35 years ago, deep in the tunnels below the town, Moreus was supposed to be a vessel for a powerful entity to corporealize into this world. However, Dauriel was able to lock the entity's energy into the orb and save Moreus' life, even though his memory was wiped empty. He believed that the entity had been calling to Moreus from the orb, and that's why he had crushed it, setting it free to continue its plans.

Dauriel passed out and you all began heading down to the basement where Moreus' body was being led through. His body phased through a wooden door that was locked with a music based puzzle. After only a single wrong entry, Tiran solved the puzzle by completing the tune played by the satyr on your first night in town and selecting the light blue color.

The door opened, revealing a long dark natural tunnel formed by a lava tube. You all went down the tunnel until hitting a section that was collapsed, and slowly filling with water. Sah-Sauj and Tiran were able to secure a way through the water by tying a rope and closing the hole that would have filled the tunnel with groundwater.

You continued even deeper until the air thinned, but strangely the temperature increased. You arrived at a widened section where the natural structure gave way to a flat stone wall engraved with a strange symbol and two pairs of hand imprints. Sah-Sauj and Pasha put their hands on the imprints and found themselves in control of two large stone statues, tasked with solving a puzzle. A few hours later, and with the input of everyone in the party, the puzzle was solved, but the way back up seemed to be lost.

Standing on the other side of the stone room, the only way available seemed to be deeper down the tunnel.

DM: Touch Points
  • Borlok is getting battle ready
    • Wants to retrieve Moreus
    • Tiran will notice his battleaxe is Ironstone made
  • Dauriel is still awake and give some background info
    • His party
    • Moreus, his mind wipe
    • The entity he encountered (Amalchi)
    • after some exposition, he will be conscious for 2 real-time minutes
    • while speaking, the house shakes, part of the tunnel is collapsed
  • Phidippus is in town, does he know about the orb?
  • Down in the basement
    • The circular door is locked with the music puzzle
    • the tunnel caved in as Moreus passed
      • a hole, 20ft deep opened up
      • the rock ceiling fell down into it
      • there is water below
      • there's an irregular tunnel that extends for 30 ft.
      • opens up back onto the path down
  • Half an hour down, down, down
    • ears pop
    • air gets stale
    • feels old down there
    • natural lava tube?
    • similar quality to Cauldin's Tomb
DM: Giant Puzzle
  • A smooth concrete-like wall
    • amalchi's symbol is carved into the center
    • two sets of hand prints, 20ft. apart
    • BOTH need to be activated to work
    • put hands on prints:
      • players eyes glow blue
      • they now see through the eyes of two stone golems
        • each 10ft. tall
          • one is male, the other female
          • Wolf would notice the female looks like the woman he met
          • Sah-Sauj would know the male looks "familiar"
  • ROOM 1: they are in a room
    • they can see in the dark, but everything is black & white
    • there's a large cube shaped rock
    • there's a large square hole
    • there's a person-sized doorway (looks small to them)
    • they both need to lift the rock and put it in the hole
      • they need one golem to hold it in place
      • they need one golem to lift the wall
      • the person sized doorway closes up
      • and one of the walls lifts up 2ft.
        • the others see the wall lift 2ft.
      • they see TWO MORE handprints
        • on the floor where the cube was
    • handprints on the floor:
  • ROOM 2: two more golems activate in the hallway beyond the wall
    • small: 5ft tall each
    • they are stacked atop each other
    • these move very slowly
    • there's a person-sized exit where the top golem stood
    • there's two handles attached to the wall
      • they both need to hold it open
      • once open, the wall with the cube rises
      • the cube no longer needs to be held