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Session 12: You Got Served

Date: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h27m)


Before heading off to bed, Pasha found a newspaper clipping in Hanlar Ironstone's office where he went to sleep for the night. It mentioned that a decade ago, Tiran's grandfather got into a bar fight with Phidippus and disrobed him entirely, causing Phidippus to flee in shame. Pasha presented the clipping at breakfast.

After some banter, eating breakfast, loading up on supplies, and chatting with Sophia, you decided to go back to the crater to fetch the construct that Tiran had noticed and wanted to fix up. You formulated a plan to turn Sophia's cart into a raft of some kind and maybe enlist Agorius' help to lift the construct onto it. He agreed after resting for an hour and you left after some uncomfortable hugs.

Once you arrived, you approached the lake near the survivors' camp to look for Percheron, but the horse remained elusive. You launched the raft and boarded it, while Sah-Sauj pushed it across the lake. However, once you arrived at the island where the construct was located, one of the rain barrels that served as the raft's flotation devices crashed beyond repair upon the rocky shore.

The construct still lay where you first spotted it and when Tiran examined it closely, he was able to find a small panel containing a mess of wires, a paper pamphlet, and a button. When pushing the button, the construct mentioned something about "systems damaged" and "major systems failure," but not much more than that. Tiran concluded that he needed more time to look at the thing, but not on the island. After some heavy lifting by the entire group, you were able to hoist the thing onto the raft.

But there was still the issue of the broken pontoon. Tiran mentioned that he could fell a tree and use it as an improvised replacement, but the growth on the island was too new to yield trees.

However, Sah-Sauj spotted a log at the bottom of a waterfall leading into the crater, and retrieved it with great difficulty. The log was fashioned into a makeshift pontoon and you were on your way back to the shore.

There, you were greeted by a group of Aldarion Unlimited bruisers lead by Weslan Stillwater and Burron Piquette, the Halfling who Wolf had taken Ramona back from the day before. Weslan served Wolf a summons to appear before a magistrate the next day and defend his case with ample evidence. Weslan Stillwater said he would vouch for him as much as possible, but the magistrate would be fair and impartial regardless.

On the road back to the Ironstone Forge, Wolf pulled Tiran aside and told him that he was thinking about going home and ditching the trial altogether since he didn't have any ownership papers for Ramona. Especially if no plan could be devised to deal with the issue. He gave Tiran the directions to his house just in case he did decide to leave in the night.

As you all chatted and carried on down the road, you heard the sound of wings thrashing through the air, the tops of trees breaking, followed by a juvenile one-eyed Dragon landing before Agorius and telling him something Draconian that only Pasha and Sah-Sauj could understand. After that, the creature snapped its head to Pasha and said two words directly to him right before opening its mouth and lunging directly towards him.

Everybody, please roll for initiative.