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Session 20

Date: Tuesday, August 2, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: None. The audio was bad.


After deciding what to do with him after the battle at Wolf's cabin, the young guard, Vinzo, was let go unharmed. This decision meant that you had to leave quickly while you remained unpursued for the time being. Leca Zan and her dog took their leave and disappeared into the woods while you set out onto the road and rested up.

After a day of traveling East, and spotting a dragon high up in the sky followed by two smaller figures, you arrived at a communal campground. This shared space was empty except for one person, a mortally ill human named Tino, who, after gauging your types, promptly asked you if you were interested in a job. This job involved stealing two crates of healing potions from the back of a guarded wagon. The payment would be a mysterious box inscribed with Yungxi symbols for the words "Small," "Sky," and "Horse." These symbols being both familiar and extremely attractive to Yungxi native, Sah-Sauj.

You agreed to try, though once the wagon arrived, one previously unmentioned detail revealed itself: this was an Aldarion Unlimited transport. Undeterred,Tiran disguised himself as a tall, fat goblin and distracted the guards while Gadot snuck behind the wagon and inspected the loot. While Tiran irritated and entertained the guards with tales of Goblin beer, Gadot determined that stealing the crates would be too difficult and returned to the group with the news.

But Sah-Sauj wanted Tino's box. Badly. Very very very badly. Gadot attempted to steal it for him, but stumbled and crashed into the sleeping man who began calling for help. The Aldarion Unlimited guards began approaching with their hands on the hilts of their swords. And that's where we left off.