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🔐 Cauldin's Journal


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

A very private journal written by Cauldin of Leikon during the Second Age and it details in a more historically accurate manner the first contact between Humans and Elves.

On the first page

May whoever reads this be cursed. Put the fucking journal back where you found it.

6th of Syrethai, 1804

They voted me to be leader today just because I'm good with a sword. They're all idiots. But seeing the look on Doni's face when he didn't get chose made it all worth it. But, now I guess I have to lead these fishermen and shepherds. Fuck. What does that even mean? I wish they chose Doni instead.

21st of Bhreianium, 1811

It's so fucking cold. My sack froze to my leg last night while we laid on top of the overlook, waiting for the right time to attack the Leecham tribe. They went down like dogs. We killed all who resisted and took over the settlement. It was a good fucking day.

30th of Lareox, 1819

My tribe now controls all of the lake lands, but there's got to be more out there. Doni wants to travel east to see if there's more there, and... I agree. He's a fucking prick, but nobody's been east. I'm gonna be the first.

18th of Nerullox, 1819

We set up camp on the bank of a small stream and haven't seen a living soul yet. The first snows fell today as well, so we're stuck here for a while. I'm thinking about setting up a place for myself here, it's beautiful. Fucking Doni can have the lake lands, these east lands are mine.

1st of Halmyrium, 1820

Doni wants me to press on, so I'll come back to this point later and start my own town. So, we continue to push east now that the snows have melted.

12th of Syrethai, 1820

We've reached the largest fucking lake I've ever seen. Its waters are too salty, it's undrinkable, but there's plenty of fish to be caught. Fucking crazy. We'll keep on traveling until we can go around it, but I just want to go back to that spot I left behind.

20th of Syrethai, 1820

This morning, we saw a ship on the lake. I'd never seen nothing like it before. We hid in the grass, but they'd seen us and came ashore. It's crazy, but they weren't men as we know them. None of them had beards and their ears were pointy. There were women too, working with the men. Fucking hell. Strange men here in the east. We can't talk with them, they don't speak what we do, but they're learning.

25th of Syrethai, 1820

Their leader is called Korban. Just fucking Korban, no nothing else. He's nice enough on the surface, but I can tell he's full of himself. They call themselves Elves, not Human. I dunno what to make of it... Takes a liking to Doni, even though I'm the leader. Figures. Sometimes pricks and assholes fit together.

30th of Syrethai, 1820

We're taking Korban and his people to Leikon and show him around where we're from. I'm thinking I'm gonna set up my town in that nice place instead once we pass through it again. I'll pass over leadership to Doni. He seems real interested in building relations with these Elves.

25th of Pelorium, 1820

We're back in that spot and I am no longer the leader of the lake lands. We've talked about it and I now lead the east while he leads the west. All the lands east of this point are mine. Cauldin's fucking Point. For now and forever, this land is mine.