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Session 10: Amalchi Rising

Date: 2022-02-09 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (3h17m)


When asked where Borlok was, Gadot convinced Rhea that he simply "couldn't make it" and somehow she believed this. She invited Sah-Sauj to don the blue cult robes and the rest of you all to come up the spire to complete the ritual. Halfway up, you noticed four very lifelike statues made out of black obsidian, strongly resembling Dauriel's old party members.

Once the spire was climbed, you were greeted by the sight of Phidippus feeding the blood of a Macoyii puppy to Moreus who wasn't looking too great. Suspended from five glass tubes pumping blood into his body, his skin cracking, and eyes glowing, there sure did seem to be something wrong with Dauriel's husband. After trying to deceive Phidippus, a battle ensued. And for a moment, you seemed to be overtaking the old man, but once he cast invisibility on himself, no more blows were delivered. Pasha and Wolf both worked together to destroy one of the blood tubes, but Moreus' situation only seemed to be getting worse. His body no longer resembled that of a human being, but rather something else simply wearing it. Gestating in it. There didn't seem to be much time left for him.

And... time did run out.

Moreus split open and hatching from within his body came a blue dragon with a large central eye, shining like the sun, framed by five smaller ones. It seemed to grow before you, and as its wings stretched out, hurtling towards you, it said one last thing in Draconic before you were enveloped by their embrace.

I shall grant you the same courtesy that your kind has shown me.

The next thing you knew you were floating in a blue void. You could distantly see and each other, but you were simply floating and were out of reach. Sah-Sauj used his sling shot to move himself forward and eventually reached Gadot. Wolf determined through the use of a spell that you were very close to a planar portal, in fact you should have been right on top of one. Tiran began making his was over to to Pasha by propelling himself through charging one of his pitons with a spell. Meanwhile, Gadot and Sah-Sauj impacted what seemed to be a wall and heard the cracking of glass. You felt nauseous, your sight turned to pinpricks, and the next thing you knew, you were somewhere else again.

This time, you seemed to be observing a strange scene, but couldn't make out any of the fine details. However, you were able to overhear a conversation between a man and a woman, discussing things you couldn't make much sense of. They seemed to be disagreeing about something, and before you knew it you were back in the blue void.

This time, the void was cracked all around you and you felt a slight draft coming from a larger crack. You all huddled up together, and with the same method as before, Tiran propelled you towards the crack, and for the last time, you were transported.

You arrived together on a small isle in the middle of a lake. The lake was cluttered with the debris of buildings and the isle itself had a few surprises of its own. A strange female corpse, a device of unknown purpose, and a black metal construct, which seemed to be missing some parts. You found a rowboat and decided to take off when an older and taller Mike Truk called out to you and provided you with a little bit of information. About a year had passed, the dragon had destroyed Cauldin's Point and left it a hole in the ground, the very lake you were on. He brought you through the tunnel system to his cave where the half Orc boy Hurq was cooking up some turkey stew and smiled as he saw you enter the cave.

And that's where we left off.

DM: Session Beats
  • Rhea runs, calls 🔐 Phidippus
    • DEX checks to overtake her in the spire
    • Phidippus will not come, he's busy
    • Rhea is crying throughout the whole battle, but can't stop
    • Her curse is making her fight
  • They make it up the spire
    • They find Dauriel's old crew
    • petrified in obsidian stone
    • terrified looks
  • They enter the chamber atop the spire
    • Five glass tubes come from the ceiling, feeding blood into Moreus
    • A robed man is cutting a Macoyii, feeding its blood to Moreus
    • Rhea stopped?
      • True: Phidippus will be surprised
      • False: Phidippus will be ready for them
    • Phidippus:
      • Seeing Tiran: "You look like you must be the Ironstone boy."
      • Seeing Pasha: "I see that Borlok brought the right one."
  • Amalchi is already inhabiting Moreus, almost done
    • Moreus' skin is breaking, pure blue light beams from the cracks
    • If they decide to touch him:
      • DC 18 CON saving throw
      • 1d6 damage
      • becomes stunned until their next turn
  • Phidippus begins to defend Amalchi
    • Calls to Rhea to stand her ground
    • Rhea runs, but Phidippus kills her
    • FIGHT Phidippus
      • He will focus on Pasha
      • He will drop:
  • After he dies, Amalchi will rise regardless (flavor below)
    • Moreus bursts into pieces, disintegrating
    • Amalchi's final dragon form emerges (Adult Blue Dragon)
    • Its skin surges with electric charges.
    • Light blue wings flap
    • Envelopes players
  • Transported to the blue void for the first time
  • Transported to the office setting
  • Transported to the blue void again
  • Transported back to Bhreia, at the bottom of the pit
DM: Amalchi Rising

Before you, Moreus' body streaks with coarse veins of electric energy until it can take no more. Like a reptile shedding its skin, a blazing column of blue energy emerges from his mouth. What remains of Moreus crumples to the floor, empty and flaccid, like a pile discarded clothes.

Rising in its place, ascending, and growing with each passing moment, you see a blue dragon rise above you. As its wings unfold, it takes out a chunk of the chamber's rock wall, which seems to disappear completely when touched. No rubble litters the room, but the structure quakes and groans as the creature expands.

In the center of its head sits a single blazing eye, bright as the sun, framed by five smaller eyes. Their gaze finds you and with a motion too fast to comprehend, the dragon's wings bolt towards you.

Please give me a dexterity saving throw. (DC 22)

DM: Swooped Up

In draconic, Pasha and Sah-Sauj hear the following, a low and lumbering voice:

I shall grant you the same courtesy that your kind has shown me.

DM: Blue 1

(in the orb)

Each adventurer is floating loose in the void, they can find eachother, but it will be difficult to move around.


Each of you find yourself floating, drifting in a pale blue void, like a cloudless, sunless summer sky. It almost feels like you're falling, but you don't sense gravity pulling you down and there's no wind whatsoever. Light seems to be all around you, but there's no shadow to speak of, nor a sun.

Wolf, you see a tiny black dot floating in front of you. What do you do?

He can call out and reach out, Pasha will hear him and can see him, too.

They will see pieces of debris occasionally flying by. A DC 12 INT check will reveal that they look a lot like pieces from Dauriel's Mansion.

They will all find eachother and can meet up.

After some time, they see pieces of Cauldin's statue float by.


You hear a crackling noise, like a glass pane cracking. play sound A sick feeling of nausea and faintness overwhelms you out of nowhere. You feel like you're drifting as your vision turns to pin pricks and the world disappears. play transport SFX

DM: Overhear

It's difficult to see here, for some reason, not much light is reaching you, but you can make out some basic shapes. You hear voices in the background and see the vague outlines two figures standing over some kind of beige glowing object. To your surprise, the outlines begin to speak.

  • Dr. Malchi (M): Do you have the results?
  • Bhreia Ahrda (B): They're printing now, one second.
  • the sound of printer paper tearing from a dot matrix printer
  • B: Here it is... Oh my god.
  • M: What is it, Bhreia?
  • B: I think it worked (she laughs)
  • M: That can't be right, let me see.
  • the sound of paper rustling
  • M: It doesn't look right
  • B: What are you talking about? I see five distinct collision anomalies.
  • M: No, this is a detector issue. A floating point error.
  • B: Dr. Malchi, look how low those p values are, that's no error.
  • M: No, we'll rerun the test and---
  • the audio cuts off

DM: Blue 2

(in the orb)


You're returned to the strange, but familiar blue void. However, now the color blue seems to be spider webbed with cracks. Much more debris floats around you, swirling and spinning around their own axes. But you're not alone. Your friends are all around you and you feel a faint cold draft.

They can follow the draft to one of the cracks. And use the debris to their advantage to move around. Upon reaching the crack, the orb will break entirely and they are once more transported. play sfx

DM: Pit

They've been gone for a year.


You awake on a small isle in what seems to be a lake surrounded by tall rock cliffs. Small waterfalls feed narrow streams into the lake, which is alive with the calls of frogs, birds, and insects.

The lake itself is littered with broken boulders and the debris of buildings, slowly being reclaimed by nature itself. On the ground between you all lie the remains of a broken orb, slowly disintegrating into a whispy blue smoke.

Investigation Check:

  • 15+: they find the broken Jonah's Denn sign on the shore of this isle.
  • 12+: they find a small row boat on the shore and footsteps leading away
  • 0 - 10: in the bushes they find the remains of:
    • an incomplete construct, looks like a slab of black metal (Tiran)
    • a CRT computer monitor, cracked, a flower grows from it
    • a skeleton wearing a white lab coat, the label on its clothes is unreadable, but it seems to have been a female (Bhreia Ahrda from the office scene)
    • an office chair half buried, its casters stick up

Regardless of if they find the boat, they will encounter Mike Truk, who looks taller, but very tired.

He will inform them that the last time he saw them was a year ago and that the sun hasn't set in all that time. He tells them a dragon appeared and destroyed the town. They're standing in what used to be the market square.

He will tell them that the dragon has been on a path of destruction, but it flew westward, and hasn't been seen since.