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Session 28

Date: December 13, 2022

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Clank told Tiran about a signal he picked up during the night. Something flying around the planet transmitted some information he picked up with his antenna. The next broadcast is in 23 hours.

In the morning, Pasiphae tried to help Tiran with his wounded shoulder, but she had no luck with healing potions. However, Sah-Sauj was able to heal the wound using Brheia's branch. Yet, his scar will be permanent.

An Aldarion Unlimited rider showed up while you ate breakfast and handed a wanted poster to Pasiphae behind the bar. He had a quick drink and left without noticing you sitting there. The print only mentioned Tiran and Wolf by name and crude portraits, but nobody else explicitly. A reward is out for your capture, either dead or alive. The charges are murder. The rider posted another poster on a pole in town, which Wolf quickly took down after he rode Eastward out of town.

Pasiphae told you to leave quickly and informed you that you might have some luck staying at 🔐 Madame Mollisher's in Korban's Landing. That is, as long as you tell them that Passi sent you. You quickly say your goodbyes and leave Midway behind.

After a day of travel, you arrived at Korban's Memorial, where you set up camp for the night. The field surrounding the central statue was empty, and you had the place to yourselves. As night fell, Sah-Sauj took the first watch and soon heard someone approaching. It turned out to be the sick hobo who tried to hire you to steal health potions from an Aldarion Unlimited wagon. A scheme that failed and almost got you all into trouble because someone attempted to take this person's wooden box.

Sah-Sauj followed him while Tiran held watch and found the hobo slumped against the back of the statue in the cold dewy grass. His chest rattled with phlegm as he asked who was in the darkness with him. Sah-Sauj thought he looked close to death. When the hobo realized who stood before him, he wanted Sah-Sauj to leave him alone. But Sah-Sauj wanted the box and told him as much. He replied Sah-Sauj, "you can pry it from my cold dead hands."

That's when Sah-Sauj decided to speed up that process and took out his spear. The hobo asked him what he was doing as the tip of the spear glinted in the moonlight. "I'm helping," said Sah-Sauj and plunged it into the hobo's heart. As the man's life ebbed away, Sah-Sauj closed his eyes, recited a little prayer to Bhreia, and took the box.

Which he was entirely unable to open.

Upon returning to the campsite, he asked Tiran if he knew what the box was. He didn't. He then told Tiran that he would need some help burying the hobo in the morning.

And that's about where we left off.