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🔐 Tomb Raiders


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

In a chamber below the statue of Cauldin of Leikon in the center of the town of Cauldin's Point lays the tomb of the man himself.

Once completed, it opens up 🔐 Cauldin's Tomb.

Entry Points

  • By moving a large boulder off a hole in the basement of Jonah's Denn. If they flip the stone over, they can see the five-pointed star of the demon in the statue at Jonah's Denn.
  • By following a natural cave system into a hand-carved tunnel and stairs from a cave mouth north of town. This is the cave that Mike Truk and his gang inhabit.

After a long walk through pitch black darkness, they all lead to the same place, a wide stone door.

The Door

Flavor Text

A strangely familiar face greets you as the path terminates at a large stone door. Its eyes are closed and its expression is peaceful as if in a deep slumber.

DC 13 Perception reveals that this is the face of Cauldin of Leikon, the same face of that of the statue at the center of town.

DC 17 Perception reveals that there are thin lines carved into a pentagram shape bisecting the face. At the center is an eye. This carving seems to have been made later and it's the symbol of 🔐 Amalchi.

DC 15 Arcana reveals that the door has been infused with a spell that has locked this place with a password. It's Arcane Lock and follows its rules.

The password: AMALCHI

If a player touches the face, the face will awaken, and its eyes will open. It says:

Progeny of progenies,
you honor my memory.
The spoken key is all you need
for me to part my emery.

It will not speak if asked anything, it's a simple construction. However, after the first wrong try, it will say:

You may believe you have me wiled,
but I suspect you are not my child.
Word to the wise: no more lies.
For what remain are but two more tries.

On the second error:

Interloper, I admire your resolution,
but that was not the right solution.
I suggest: think hard and long,
For this final try, don't be wrong.

On the final wrong attempt loud pops can be heard as the door and the tomb behind it crumble to the ground and have been completely and irrevocably destroyed. In the market square, the pedestal and raised platform on which the statue of Cauldin stand fall to the ground in what appears to be a sinkhole.

On a success, the doors will open and reveal 🔐 Cauldin's Tomb.