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Who wants what in the larger picture?

Primary NPCs

🔐 Amalchi wants to combine the material plane and the elemental plane of air so he and Bhreia can rule it together. Why? He wants an equal share of the world rather than just the elemental plane of air.

Bhreia knows about Amalchi's plans and wants to prevent the mass extinction this would cause, i.e., she wants to keep the status quo intact.

🔐 Phidippus, an aging human, bargained with Amalchi to make his plans happen. He wants eternal life and power as an immortal demi-god in this new plane of existence.


Secondary NPCs

🔐 Leca Zan is trying to escape her past and wants a peaceful and quiet life as a hunter.

🔐 Chickadee of the Two Rivers is trying to get home to Marram, but she fell in love with 🔐 Prince Callum on the way there in Korban's Landing. She wants to be with Callum, but since he can't leave the country, this conflicts with her desire to go home.

🔐 Prince Callum is in love with 🔐 Chickadee of the Two Rivers, and since he thinks that he has no shot at the throne in Korbantir, he wants to leave with her.

Tertiary NPCs

🔐 Dr. Anton Malchi wants to return to his own timeline and thinks he's stuck in a coma dream.

🔐 Sophia Medeid wants to go home with her son and husband; she wants things to return to normal.

🔐 Thomas Wake wants Paxalon "Pasha" Yaraxil to rejoin his crew.