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Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

The wooden walls around Cauldin's Point are 25 ft. tall.

Name at least one donkey "Wynona."

Sah-Sauj doesn't drink alcohol.

Character Facts

Before every session, ask a player for a fun/cool/whatever fact.

Order: Sah-Sauj ➡ Wolf ➡ Pasha ➡ Gadot ➡ Tiran ➡ Sebastian

  • Sah-Sauj pranked people with fake poop in her cloister
  • Wolf's real name is not "Wolf"
  • Pasha's favorite color is blue
  • Gadot's father was a master thief
  • Tiran is shy around girls who he's attracted to, unlike Gadot. His most recent crush was with Greta Thunderberg, a climate activist.
  • Sah-Sauj's brother's names is Spinoach, her uncle's name is Pete Moss
  • Wolf has been kicked out of his clan for bucking traditions, especially during times of war
  • Pasha's dagger is a Karambit
  • When Gadot was a child, he had a river raft that he named the SS Gadot
  • Tiran was a sickly child, Sophia was older when she had him
  • Sebastian got hooked on adventure stories as a kid and believed all of them, whether they were true or not