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Baern "Wolf" Mountbrew

Wolf's token in Foundry.

Campaign: Braving Bhreia

Played By: Nate


(Written by Nate)

Wolf was born to the Mountainbrew clan and given the name Baern Mountbrew. The surname Mountbrew is given to unwed clansmen only to be titled Mountainbrew upon marriage. The clan is famous for their dwarven spirits, the most famous being their namesake Mountainbrew; lovingly called Mt. Brew by those outside the clan.

Many of the dwarven clans are stubornly steeped in tradition and loathe to change for any reason. Those who buck tradition or dishonor their clan are ostracized and stripped of their name until amends can be made, to be determined by the clans elders.

Such was the fate of Baern Mountbrew. Baern was always a bit rebelious and considered a troublemaker in his youth. While he could see the value in tradition he didn't feel connected to his clan's heritage. Baern didn't care for the taste or effects of alcohol but enjoyed the aroma and hit of good tobacco. He focused his studdies and experiments on tobacco rather than brewing and fermentation.

This put Baern on a path of consequences like ripples in a puddle. He began to feel alienated which led him to animosity towards his clan. This clashing exacerbated until he had reached full maturity and yet had no prospects for marriage. This alone normally wouldn't be enough to kick Baern out of the clan but war was brewing on the edges of his homeland and tensions were high. It was his duty to mary and have children to carry on the tradition of their namesake.

So Baern Mountbrew was exiled until he can forego his foolish hobby and settle down. He left his clan and name behind and became Wolf. Wolf now resides in Korban's Ruin on Korbantir where he grows tobacco to experiement with and acts as guide and tracker for those needing help in the wilds.

For over fifty years Wolf has persued his passion finding a love for good cigars. This led to a chance encounter with none other than the now retired but famous adventurer, Dauriel Aldarion and his husband Moreus. They too were cigar enthusiasts and soon enough Wolf would find himself "in the area" every few years to share his latest blend with the pair. Eventually the couple requested assistance from Wolf in starting a garden due to his botany knowledge.

Recently Wolf received an invitation to attend a birthday celebration for Dauriel in Cauldin's Point for which he has no intention on missing.

DM: Observations

Is 127 years old.

Was named Wolf by Dauriel Aldarion.

Owns a giant goat named Ramona -- named after an old friend.

Has a desire to vist the Feywild.

As of level 2, Wolf is a spellcaster, his abilities were granted to him by Bhreia.

As of level 3, he has chosen the Horizon Walker archetype:

Horizon Walker

Horizon walkers guard the world against threats that originate from other planes or that seek to ravage the mortal realm with otherworldly magic. They seek out planar portals and keep watch over them, venturing to the Inner Planes and the Outer Planes as needed to pursue their foes. These rangers are also friends to any forces in the multiverse – especially benevolent dragons, fey, and elementals – that work to preserve life and the order of the planes.