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Recap So Far


After a harrowing journey through a violent thunderstorm, Wolf, Sah-Sauj, Gadot, and Tiran met up at Jonah's Denn in Cauldin's Point.

1:39:41 - your name is Wolf?

Here you were offered VIP treatment in a private room and enjoyed a strange musical performance by a vanishing Satyr.

1:43:20 - the wayfarers warmed by the fire

While eating dinner, Sah-Sauj noticed a strange plaque on the fireplace mantle.

1:49:19 - hey guys I know that symbol 1:49:54 - word is amalchi 1:50:00 - touch the eye of the brother


Meanwhile, Pasha strolls into town and notices a man berating a little girl in the town square.

Once at Jonah's Denn, Pasha immediately hits it off with Tiran and Gadot.

Tired from a long day of travel, you all head to bed, but it isn't long before the ghost of a young girl visits Sah-Sauj.

  • s2
    • pasha meets up
    • pasha confronts a man berating a little girl in the town square
    • sah-sauj visited by a ghost, discovers cave and opens door
    • using the word "Amalchi"
  • s3
    • cave tomb, stirges battle
    • disturb tomb
    • tiran extracts a sword
    • in a chest, find cloaks and daggers
  • s4
    • met with dauriel for the first time
    • tiran showed dauriel how to use his gun
    • dauriel revealed that he wanted them to do some work for them in marram
    • investigate the genocide against the tabaxi taking place there
    • deed to the the Aldarion Adventurers old HQ
  • s5
    • goblins at hq
    • wolf notices one of the goblins looks like another he saw in a portrait in dauriels office
    • tied up macoyii escapes, battle
    • goblins are doing work for a wizard named phidippus, capturing macoyii
  • s6
    • while walking through town, gadot was pick pocketed
    • followed the kids to a cave
    • kids are making drugs from frogs
    • this cave leads back to the door
    • tiran noticed a magical volume in front of the door
    • want to ask the kids for information
    • kis are passed out, can't wake them
  • s7
    • while sleeping in the woods, Wolf has a vision of a scarred woman holding a baby made of dirt and five moons coalescing into one
    • night turned into day momentarily
    • gadot dreamed of flying over a jungle and his father jumping off a cliff edge
    • sah-sauj dreamed of a blue flash of light and the words "you'll know me when you see me"
    • went to the party
    • moreus crushed the sphere, was carried off
    • dauriel collapses, the party scatters
    • sah-sauj stabilizes dauriel long enough for him to say "don't let moreus descend"
  • s8
    • and also tells him that 35 years ago he trapped some kind of malevolent entity in the orb that moreus crushed
    • dauriel passed out again and everyone followed moreus body into the basement
    • it phased through a wooden door locked with a music puzzle, the same theme the satyr played in the inn on the first night
    • golem control puzzle, solved by pasha and sah-sauj
  • s9
    • kill borlok, meet bhreia, get gifts
    • rhea asked "where's borlok?"
  • s10
    • gadot convinced her that he "couldn't make it" and she led them
    • up the spire
    • phidippus feeding macoyii puppy blood to moreus
    • moreus body suspended by tubes feeding blood into him
    • body cracking with blue light
    • battle with phidippus
    • too late, moreus "hatched"
    • dragon emerged
    • flapped wings, transported into blue void
    • then a distant and blurred vision of a strange place
    • back in the void
    • and escaped
  • s11
    • emerged in the crater that used to be cauldin's point
    • tiran noticed a weird construct at the crater
    • met up with Mike and Hurq, realize it's one year later
    • the sun hasn't set in a year
    • went to the survivors camp
    • tirans mom is in town
    • saved ramona the goat, assaulted halfling
    • went to the forge
    • met sophia an agorius
  • s12
    • fetch construct
    • wolf was served and expected to come to court the next day
    • a small juvenile dragon appeared on the way home
  • s13
    • agorius knocked unconscious
    • pasha thought his skin felt not quite right
    • beat dragon, but it managed to fly away
    • arrived at the forge
    • agorius revealed himself to pasha as phidippus
    • told him he's special and was supposed to be sacrificed
    • managed to escape Pasha's grasp and sneak away
    • confront sophia about phidippus
    • realize that all of the clocks have bad crystals
    • when touching the crystal, pasha had the same vision as gadot
    • flying over a jungle
  • s14
    • gadot created a fake deed for ramona to try and help wolf
  • s15
    • gadot confronted burron piquette
    • made a deal with him to settle for 800 gp
    • but needed more time to raise the money
  • s16
    • burron's associate mounted a horse and left camp
    • followed and were ambushed by his men
    • they were defeated
    • a remaining bandit told them it was a distraction
    • the real action was at the forge
    • found a trail leading into the woods
  • s17
    • sah-sauj and wolf followed the path
    • the rest went to the forge, hauling ass
    • sah-sauj and wolf were able to find evidence in the camp
    • a wanted poster for burron
    • the forge was on fire, ramona lay slashed by the river
    • however, ramona had taken down burron, who bled out
    • charges dropped, wolf got a real deed
  • s18
    • sebastian arrived in cauldin's point and met up with the gang
    • set out to taini
    • but first rest at wolf's house
    • but there was a fiddle playing in the distance as approach