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Dauriel's Invitation

A letter, folded and secured by a large red wax seal bearing the capital letter "A" and a ring of words in Elvish surrounding it. On the reverse is your name written in an elegant script. When you break the seal and unfold the letter, you can read the following words:

3rd of Ehlonnai, 3079

Dearest friend,

I would be honored if you could join Moreus and me for my 462nd birthday celebration at my home in Cauldin's Point on the evening of the 6th of Lirrai. I have arranged for complementary room and board for the duration of two days leading up to the event for you at Jonah's Denn, a local inn. Present this note which bears my seal to the inn-keep and you will receive the finest accommodations that Cauldin's Point has to provide.

The event is casual themed and please don't worry about gifts, your fine company is all that is desired. Feel free to bring a friend; we love making new acquaintances.

I cannot wait to see you again.

Your friend,
Dauriel Aldarion