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Setting Overview

The Third Age was defined by a thousand years of relentless bloodshed caused by fracturing alliances and enraged gods. The world's Peoples fought off Monsters, gods contested their domains, and the lands of the world fractured under it all as Bhreia tried to maintain a balance and cohesion. This terrible Age will forever be remembered as a time of great suffering for all.

But that's the past.

Old rivalries fizzle out, gods grow weary, and Monsters and People alike settle down, fearing extinction altogether. The flow of time's river inevitably polishes the coarsest rock into a round pebble. The Fourth Age is young, but she brings with her a tender, well-deserved, peace. But, how long until someone decides to take advantage of this tender moment? How long until the wars are forgotten and the round stone of memory is worn away entirely? Some say that the Fourth Age is the last, and that this peace is but an interlude to a final crescendo of violence.

Ages are marked by cataclysm. Many fear that the true nature of the Fourth Age has not yet been revealed. Surely, it can't be peace? Travelers from faraway lands claim to have heard Cauda's song echoing distantly between the mountain peaks; a known herald of calamity.

Yet, through it all, Korbantir remained steadfast and unchanged. Despite its adversarial origins, the country became a bastion of neutrality, acceptance, and prosperity. And it is in this haven that the ships of fate shall dock and our paths must converge. There's an adventure to be had and an Age to be defined.


The setting of Bhreia is about People in a fairly young world that's still going through many large-scale changes as it matures. In this world, the gods continue to be active and meddle in the affairs of the people who inhabit it. They have a direct stake in their representative domains and exhibit all of the emotions that go along with that. The world is also populated with Monsters, though the line between what separates Monsters from People is a debate about moral relativism at best.


Each period that marks a major event is considered to be an Age and lasts for a thousand years. These are large-scale events like the creation of the world or a global state of conflict. There have been three Ages so far and the current age, the Fourth Age, hasn't been defined by anything yet. You are born into the first century of this Fourth Age on the cusp of a cataclysmic, Age-defining, event.


During Session Zero, among other things, we'll discuss what the tone of the game will be. It is entirely possible to have a humorous game while grand things are happening simultaneously; comedy is tragedy plus time.

Subject Matter

While the tone of the game can go either way, the topics explored may occasionally be heavy in nature. If you don't feel comfortable discussing your boundaries ahead of time with the DM, there will be Safety Tools available during play in Foundry that will allow you to perform anonymous signals.