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Cauldin's Sword

Owner: Tiran Medeid

You have a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon.


A metal cruciform hilt; inlaid with two pale blue gemstones in the guard, a round black stone inlaid in its pommel. The sword is untarnished, but ancient. A silvery, faintly blued, hollow-ground blade, inscribed in both Old Common and Elven with the following words:

To Cauldin of Leikon, Friend of Darvia. May his foes tremble before him.


Upon handling this sword, you notice it seems to have been made for you. It would be foolish to let anyone else handle it. Keep it on your person at all times.

DM: Tiran PM Note

While you're spending time with your sword, you notice that while cleaning the Macoyii's blood off, the sword seems to absorb it. As it does, it seems to glisten and you hear a directionless voice speak to you in a deep whisper:

"The blood. More. Defiler of my grave, cursed creature, I must have more blood."

The sword is clean and has absorbed all of the blood that was left on it.

DM: Supplemental Facts
  • Version of the Cauldin's Sword item
  • Needs blood on a daily basis
  • It can be the player's blood
  • Player will take damage if the sword isn't fed
  • Ancestors of Cauldin will not be affected by the curse
  • The curse may be broken by speaking the phrase:

    Solvex animati, solvex manutia.