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πŸ” Ethereal Transmissions


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

VO: Welcome back to Ethereal Transmissions, a monthly program broadcast to magic users across the realms. I'm your host, Wister Nugo. Today, we're taking a look at the growing influx of Orcish pilgrims in TaΓ―ni and what this means to the locals there. So, tune in your arcane focus, kick back, and join us for a while.


Act I

VO: When we received an invitation to portal to Ganaroum Bak in TaΓ―ni and speak with one of the world's foremost mages, you know we couldn't resist to take him up on his offer.



VO: We met in the middle of a bustling market in Ganaroum Bak. It's an impressive place, built into the exposed skeletal parts of the Orcish god Gruumsh who died here a thousand years ago.

JURAN: And that's why they come here, you see? For bone, mostly.

VO: That was Juran Ghilik, head mage in TaΓ―ni and known throughout the world for his work on Pyrokinesis. He led us through the busy marketplace to where a group of Orcs were sitting on their knees, digging through the sand with their bare hands.

SFX: digging sounds, sand shifting

JURAN: They dig up shards of bone that were chipped off during the building of this city. We carved right into the bones, you see? The sand is littered with the stuff. To us, it's just trash, but to them it holds meaning.

VO: We observed a woman expose a pale bone fragment from the sand, and she began to cry.

SFX: crying woman, lamenting, grief

JURAN: It means a lot to them, but it's terrible for the city. They dig holes, make scenes, and scare people away.

WISTER: Don't you think that's a bit of a racist statement?

JURAN: It doesn't matter what I think, you see? Business is down, and when business is down, the crown suffers too. And when the crown suffers, it makes sure that the people will suffer too.

VO: We decided to take a closer look at these accusations and speak to some of these Orcish pilgrims ourselves.

Act II