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🔐 Dr. Malchi, I Presume?


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

The dimensional rift that briefly flung the adventurers into a strange dimension was caused by both 🔐 Amalchi and Dr. Amalchi on Earth, 1994. This same rift brought Dr. Malchi and the the corpse of the female with the Bhreia nametag into this world.

Ever since arriving, 🔐 Dr. Anton Malchi has been trying to find a way back to Earth. He's extremely uncomfortable here and doesn't want to stay. He's been stealing supplies from the Survivors Camp, such as food, weapons, and other various items to survive and perform his experiments. The machine he's building is also very loud and wakes people up who are trying to sleep.

🔐 Weslan Stillwater tasks the adventurers with making him stop doing so.

Dr. Malchi lives in a cave about ten minutes into the ancient forest south-west of Cauldin's Point, near the Survivors Camp. The adventurers can find this cave fairly easily since Malchi doesn't have any real skills to conceal his tracks.


The group can easily pick up on footprints and drag marks all throughout the forest, leading to one single place. A cave mouth in the hillside from which quiet music seems to emanate.


Upon entering the cave, they can see a hoard of stolen items, and some contraptions created out of wood, metal, and items they don't recognize. The music gets louder and seems to be emitting from a small box (a cassette player). These are things that came along with him during the opening of the dimensional rift. Items include:

  • A board with drawings pinned to it, some depicting two spheres and a funnel between them. One of the spheres is broken.
  • A crude crafted doll, resembling a female wearing a lab coat. He carries the doll around with him and talks to it, calling it Bhreia.
  • A small box emanating music. A cassette player for which Malchi has devised a way to power using a crude water turbine. It's playing a slow version of Blue Skies by Irving Berlin.
  • Many wires leading through a hole in the ceiling outside somewhere. Following these leads to the water turbine, in a nearby creek.
  • Lots of Aldarion Unlimited supplies including food and dismantled weaponry. He seems to be using the metals of the supplies for whatever he's doing.
  • A large contraption standing on a wooden cart. It's covered in copper wire coils, a large gyroscope atop it, and a wooden chair in the center of it all (see device below).
  • A codex for translating Common to English (see section below).
  • The OS disk and activation sequence for the 🔐 MLSD Mk. V. The adventurers will need to use the codex to enter the sequence into the MLSD.

Malchi will be there, busy, not paying too much attention until he's addressed. Depending on how the adventurers handle the situation, Malchi will try to defend himself or attempt to communicate what he's doing in broken common.


These are the items that can be taken from the cave.

  • Common to English codex
  • Cassette player and cassettes:
    • Blue skies (on repeat)
    • Jacques Brel - Le dernier repas
    • A tape labeled "testament" See below.
  • Skin of a Kenku (this is what remains of Trashbeak)
  • 🔐 Dr. Anton Malchi's drawings depicting spheres and lines
  • The Bhreia doll, slightly burnt
  • Aldarion Unlimited supplies:
    • 35 days worth of rations
    • 7 bottles of wine (common)

On 🔐 Dr. Anton Malchi:

  • An Omega Seamaster Professional, still functioning
  • A Montblanc 149 fountain pen, empty


He's a commoner, he will pick up a stick and try to fight using one of the stolen AU weapons.

Malchi's Plan

Dr. Malchi has figured out that his brand of science just doesn't work here. On top of that, the delicate instrumentation that he needs requires the backbone of a technological civilization behind it. He recognizes that he needs to use this world's rules to open the rift again and leave. That, he concludes, requires the use of magic, this world's equivalent to science.


Through the use of broken Common, Malchi can give away some information on where he came from, but he knows it will fall on deaf ears. He might feed the adventurers misinformation about the event to silence their questions.


He has created a basic codex for translating common into English and vice versa.


He has built what he believes to be a device that can transport a single person back to Earth, at exactly the moment he disappeared. He has put in place all of the required mechanical trappings, but needs magic to complete this thing. Specifically, he needs a magic user to use Plane Shift. Indeed, the device itself doesn't do anything and if the spell is performed on him, he will be shifted to a random location.

Testament Tape

A tape with a recording of Dr. Malchi during the first days of his arrival in Bhreia.

Entry 1

Testing testing 1, 2, 3. Okay. This is the voice of Dr. Anton Malchi, head physicist at the Tevatron particle accelerator, working on a classified project. This tape is my testament to my experiences here. I woke up on a small island in a shallow lake which seems to be in a crater. It has been filling up more and more, so I am assuming this crater was made fairly recently. There are many dead bodies in the water, crumbled buildings, and I have found things from the office as well. I think I should leave here while I can still cross on the exposed debris.

The sun does not move in the sky in this place, it is always right above me. But, I know that it has been approximately 3 days since the incident because I have my trusty Seamaster to help me tell the time. I do not understand what has happened to me or why I find myself in this predicament, but I fear it has something to do with the experiment. I will continue collecting data.

Entry 2

I have left the island and the lake behind and built myself a small structure on the shore. Whatever happened here is a major disaster, and these people are devastated. A man wearing a medieval looking uniform approached me yesterday and gave me some food, a stew of some kind. He asked me where in Cauldin's Point I lived and I tried to be as vague as possible. He asked me about my clothes and this cassette recorder, he did not recognize them. I know time travel is impossible, so my mind races as to what this place is. I will withhold my conjectures until I have more data.

Entry 3

The people who crawled from the lake have set up a camp near the edge of a forest. And, I think that I will have to shave with Occam's Razor soon, because... Well, um, today I saw a creature who looked like a lizard and spoke English. And, um, there was a dog walking on two legs, wearing clothes.

Entry 4

This is my last entry, I am done. I don't even know why I am recording it, but here it is. A week ago I found a cave away from the monsters that seem to be roaming around here freely. I don't want to be around them anymore. This is a fucking nightmare. And just when I thought it was safe in this cave, a crow walks in. Let me be clear, ok? A crow with arms and the voice of a man. It saw me and shrieked when I came rushing toward it. But I was able to succeed in killing the monster before it could do anything to me. I grabbed a rock and smashed its skull. I have been eating from the bird's meat for the last few days and its skin will keep me warm if push comes to shove.

Anyway, there's no other explanation for this place than it being a dream state of some kind. I wonder if I'm laying in a hospital bed, in a medically induced coma, I don't know. I'm not that kind of doctor.