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Braving Bhreia

Braving Bhreia is an ongoing campaign that started on November 1st, 2021, played on Roll20 and Discord.


Chapter 1: Dauriel's Mansion

Dauriel's Mansion Banner

The banner used in Roll20 for the Dauriel's Mansion chapter, showing Dauriel's Mansion itself. Original, unmodified image.

Chapter 2: Blue Skies

Blue Skies Banner

The current banner used in Foundry for the Blue Skies chapter, showing Amalchi in flight before the sun. This is an original piece.

Players (a-z)

Eddy as the DM.


Stackable Inspiration

There's no maximum for inspiration points. Once awarded, they stack like any other resource.

Rounding Down

We're rounding down any fractional throws. So, taking half of 13 damage would be 6, not 7.

Flanking Advantage

We're using the variant rule on flanking whereby if at least one ally is on the opposite side of the creature, the enemy is considered flanked and the attacker gets advantage.

Proficiency Skill Check Floor

If a player is proficient in a skill, when doing a skill check and rolling lower than their passive ability score, they can use their passive score instead of the roll. If a player is not proficient, they take the result of the roll.

Third Party

Trying the following third party rules unless there's an objection. The documents can be found in the resources channel of the Discord server.

  • Last Stand: A Worthy Death
  • The Complete Crafter
  • Rest System Revised
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