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The flag of Rivoni; a black Leonin head impaled by a spear upon a yellow field.

Rivoni (ri-voh-nee) is a coastal sovereign city-state and a peninsula dividing the Sea of Korban and Maris' Tears. It is mostly known for its capital city, Rivoni Springs, home to the eponymous healing springs.


It is believed that the Leonin race emerged in the regions now contained within the borders of Rivoni. Artifacts found by historians near the Healing Springs suggest that at least fourteen distinct Leonin tribes simultaneously lived around the springs, likely for their healing properties. However, requests for further historical research have been denied by the current Royal family, and unearthed artifacts have either been seized or destroyed.

Leonin Genocide

While initially hosting a native majority Leonin population, Humans landed on the shores of Rivoni Springs from the west in 1642 led by Ajamo Rivoni, who set sail out of High Maris. The humans quickly discovered the spring's healing powers and settled around it, recognizing the immense value of the resource.

The less technologically advanced Leonin population was soon pushed from their home region into the eastern wilderness. When the Leonin resisted the human invasion, human armies were raised to exterminate any Leonin who fought to retain their ancestral lands. Historians estimate that throughout the 1600s and 1700s, 94% of the native Leonin population was either displaced or killed. This order still stands today, though the organized armies have been replaced by adventurers, hunters, and mercenaries looking to make a quick buck.

Ongoing Leonin Terrorism

Due to the historical Leonin genocide and their status within the country as a Scourge, the remaining Leonin have made their homes in the jungle of "The Rest" (see Geography). Desiring control of their original homeland, Leonin splinter groups occasionally cause bloodshed, destruction, and chaos in the name of this cause in Rivoni Springs. These attacks are generally aimed at disrupting the spring-water-based economy, such as attacks on harbored ships and traveling tradespeople.

These attacks have increased in frequency and violence since the early 2080s. The royal government has stated that they believe the various Leonin tribes have consolidated under a unified banner.

The original extermination orders still stand, and any Leonin may be killed on sight. A Leonin pelt may fetch a bounty of 2,500 gold pieces when delivered in Rivoni Springs to the Gillo family. The halls of the royal family are covered in these pelts as a display of power and control.


Rivoni is a monarchy currently ruled by Queen Baris of the Rivoni Royal House. Their banner, and the country's flag, is a black Leonin head impaled by a spear upon a yellow field. The Queen is advised by an assembly of influential local citizens, though the actual influence that this council has on the governing of the royal house is debated. However, each councilperson heads a family charged with maintaining a specific city component, outlined below.


Rivoni: (ROYALS) The royal family, besides being monarchs, also controls the royal guard and the treasury.

Mollisher: (HEALING SPRINGS) This family controls access to the healing baths, including the gondolas and mountain paths.

Gillo: (SECURITY) Run the city guard, police force, and Leonin control measures. This family used to run the gondolas before the Mollishers took over in the 2030s.

Dranathi: (TAX) Relatives of the Korbantir royal family, in charge of tax collection and city management.

Tetiano: Waste management (TODO).

DM TODO: More Families
  • Abernathy family
  • Tenore family (get it? Soprano, Tenore?)

Worldwide Criticism

While much of the world relies on the healing waters from Rivoni, some countries have been critical of the actions of the royal government against the Leonin population. Most notably, emperor Gaulian Menix of the Abta Hatti Empire has outlawed any healing waters within their borders and ceased import and export operations entirely.

Emperor Gaulian Menix

Via proclamation, 3063

The disgraceful Queen Baris of Rivoni continues the atrocities of her vermin ancestors. She proudly boasts of the bloodshed against the Leonin people to whom the lands she ransacks rightfully belong. She should be grateful to Urlac that our glorious empire does not neighbor her miniscule fiefdom.

Leonin people, though you may not want to leave your homeland, know you always have a second home in the glorious embrace of the Abta Hatti Empire.

Let it be known that wilfull travel to Rivoni by any subject of the Abta Hatti Empire dissolves their citizen status and immediately marks them as an enemy combatant. Any consumption or ownership of Rivoni healing waters within the confines of the empire will be grounds for severe judgment.

Gaulian Menix, Emperor of the glorious Abta Hatti Empire


For a radius of a few miles outside the city in any direction, it is surrounded by developed countryside. A few small towns line the main roads, but most of the population lives in Rivoni Springs.

Most of Rivoni is composed of a vast primordial sub-tropical jungle, disparagingly named "The Rest," which goes mostly unexplored and uncharted due to the pervasive Leonin threat. This stretches out from the west to the east, where it eventually gives way to the foot of a desert in the East, bordering TaΓ―ni.


While many, if not most, races are present in Rivoni due to the vast amount of tourists that the springs attract, there are a few races more represented than others in the permanent citizenry of the country:

  • Human (Majority), everywhere
  • Cuniko (Minority), everywhere
  • Genasi (Minority), in the jungles and near the desert
  • Leonin (Minority Scourges), in the jungles and near the desert