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Session 29

Date: January 18, 2023

Clank picked up a transmission, which Tiran listened to on his boombox. A person named Remo from Earth lives in Rivoni Springs and sounded excited to meet up with another Earthling. Not much more was said before the transmission ended. Tiran woke Gadot and talked to him about the transmission and the fact that he hasn't been feeling like himself. Gadot told him that he seemed more bloodthirsty lately. Tiran tells him that the sword he carries requires him to feed it blood or bad things happen. He hasn't fed the sword in 24 hours. Tiran decided not to feed the sword today.

That night, Sah-Sauj dreamed that he was flying with a group of dolphins and was having a good old time. Fred, an old acquaintance and Bhreia's brother, showed up during the dream and told him that he could have these dreams every night if he wanted. Sah-Sauj loved the idea. Fred told him that in the morning, he'll notice a present that he gave Sah-Sauj.

When Sah-Sauj wakes up in the morning, all of the leaves are removed from Bhreia's wand. But, look at those biceps! Sah-Sauj is swole AF and with a single flex broke the wand in half. He decided to test his strength by flinging the body of the person he murdered across the field. This is also when everybody else learned of Sah-Sauj's deadly escapades that night.

The memorial was covered in blood, and while cleaning, you discovered a door. After some fudging around, Tiran found a way to open it and uncovered a staircase leading down below the statue. A room with water flowing from one end to the other led to a half-rotted door. Tiran went first and set off every single trap, but made it nonetheless. Everybody else followed except for Sebastian.

Here, he met Korban who has been imprisoned down here for the better part of a millennium inside a glass sphere. Korban explains that the room was used as a portal to other places: a lunar colony, a volcano, Cauldin's Point, and Earth, a wild place filled with humans by Korban's estimation. Korban says that he gave the sword that could open the room was given to Cauldin as a gift. Even though he gave the sword, he said that he couldn't lift the curse for Tiran, but there are words out there that can break the spell.

Off on the side, not paying attention to anything else, Sah-Sauj was able to open his box. A small silver dragonfly flew out and hovered above the box. When he touched it, it flew out of the room and up the staircase toward the surface. Sah-Sauj ran after it.

Korban tells the group that all he really wants is to be allowed to die, but the sphere is keeping him alive beyond his normal lifespan. Tiran said he'd be happy to help by breaking the sphere for him.

And that's where we left off.