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Session 5: The Goblins

Date: 2011-11-29 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3


Tiran, while impersonating a goblin knocked on the cabin door and attempted to persuade the goblins to let them in or sell the map. They were unimpressed and wanted him to leave. Pasha tried to bribe the goblins with a toy, but they didn't care about that either. But when Sah-Sauj mentioned Dauriel, Grintani, the female goblin, recoiled. Wolf noticed a resemblance between the female goblin and the one in the portrait in Dauriel's office. He whispered to the group that trading the deed to the cabin for the map could be an option here.

Sah-Sauj asked the female goblin, Grintani, what happened between them Dauriel. She explained that her mother ran with Dauriel and one day just simply never returned. Sah-Sauj eventually offers her the deed for any maps that can be found inside, and after a quick talk to her husband, she let him in.

Sah-Sauj searched a trash-filled room and found a partial map of Marram, and the deed was traded or it. However as you began to leave, Wolf noticed movement in the forest, heard a loud goblin voice, and decided to track whatever it was, thinking it was related to the transaction. When hearing the goblin voice again, Wolf and Gadot headed into the forest behind the cabin and began tracking the movement.

When entering a clearing between the trees, two Macoyii appeared, mimicking goblin voices, and began their attack. Wolf and Gadot high-tailed it back to the cabin, where they warned the others. After a difficult battle during which Gadot and Grintani's husband both were knocked out, the Macoyii were finally killed.

With the threat eliminated, the goblins were asked about the Macoyii. They mentioned that they were forced to catch them by a magic user named Phidippus, who lived nearby. What he wanted with the Macoyii is unknown. Wolf decided to take one of the Macoyii corpses with him, and Sah-Sauj took a bit of the potion that the goblins used to catch the animals.

Having taken some damage and in need of rest, you get back onto the road west, and head back to town.

DM: Tiran Specific

🔐 Phidippus owns the forge now, sold by the state. He lives nearby the old HQ.