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Session 4: Meeting Dauriel

Date: 2021-11-22 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3


After knocking on Dauriel's front door, you were invited inside where you met with the man himself. He explained that he needed you for more than being at the party and put together the invites with explicit purpose. He introduced you to Chickadee, his disgruntled housekeeper, whose people are being systematically murdered for their furs in Marram. Dauriel wants you to go there and meet up with Gadot's dad.

Tiran showed Dauriel the special weapons he's developed, guns, which you used to shoot some trees in the back yard. After shooting and agreeing to help out Dauriel, he handed you the deed to one of his properties, the original HQ of the Aldarion Adventurers, the precursor group to Aldarion Unlimited.

Pasha handed Dauriel Cauldin's journal and sketches in return, and Wolf told him the story of what had happened so far. Dauriel seemed intrigued by all this and showed Sah-Sauj that maybe brother's real name was Amalchi and that the satyr that sang you the song was perhaps Cauda.

Now, loaded with new information, you set on your way to check out your new property and retrieve some maps left there. But, once you arrived, you could hear some talking at the property, which was supposed to be abandoned. Some investigation by Wolf and Gadot revealed that there were some Goblins living there with a Macoyii tied up to a fraying rope in the backyard.

Tiran disguised himself as a Goblin, a tall one, and went to knock on the front door.

DM: Session Plan

Moreus is on his way to town to get stuff for the party, but hugs Wolf as he enters. Tells them that Dauriel is in the Conservatory.

Dauriel will tell him about his plans (see business opportunity hook) to fund their adventures and hand them the keys to his old place outside of town.

They have another full day to explore before the party starts.

DM: Character Beats
  • Wolf: Cigars isn't the only reason he was invited, Dauriel needs a trusted and established presence in the group, and also needs someone who knows the area to find the original HQ.
  • Sah-Sauj: Phidippus will not be happy with his invitation being stolen. Don't bring it up if you meet him.
  • Gadot: Your father (Phillipe J'Dogeaux) is working as an infiltrator for Dauriel and has confirmed the atrocities against the Tabaxi people in Marram. He should be heading back within the month and recommended Gadot for the job.
  • Tiran: 🔐 Phidippus owns the forge now, sold by the state. He lives nearby the old HQ.
  • Pasha: Is a witness to an atrocity and personally affected by it. Dauriel needs Pasha as a guide for the eastern lands.