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Session 26

Date: Thursday, September 20, 2022 @ 9:00 PM CT

Audio: MP3 (2h 33m, 147 MB)

In a cave in a swamp under a dead oak tree,
you followed and found a new enemy.
The chicken you followed now moved quietly,
trying to appease its ill society.
Yes, the cavern held a few surprises,
youngling dragons of various sizes.
Yet, Sah-Sauj approached them without fear,
"we're looking for a girl, is she here?"
The wyvern responded as if from the grave,
"the human girl is in the cave."
Pasha hid, though not from fright,
worried what would happen, stepping into their sight.

Well, he didn't have to wait much later,
after rounding a corner he heard "traitor!"
Wyrmlings attacked, shooting bolts of lightning,
biting Sebastian -- Oh so very frightening!
Arrows cut the air, spells were cast,
and a wyrmling felt Gadot's crossbow blast.
The melee mixed with magic tricks,
and from the entrance appeared the Tiefling Ix.

Though they put up a fight, the drakes were slain,
at which point, just the hatchlings remained.
Tiran and Clank were in their sights,
covering them in the sharpest bites.
But baby dragons are not too hardy,
and were no match for this well-armed party.
Their unformed wings gave a final flutter,
as your blades carved them up like butter.

Though the cave now seemed clear,
on the pond, Ix and Arya did appear.
He held his blade up to her throat,
and as they sank, her eyes glowed.
Light blue, like the color of the sky,
like the color of the dragon, the color of its eye.
Like the color of the void where you spent a whole year,
like the lyric to a song you once did hear.

Like much in this game, still unexplained.
Maybe in this session, some meaning's obtained?
Will you even find out during this campaign?
Or will these loose ends just litter your brain?
Stick around, maybe there'll be some revelation.
Or maybe the journey is the destination.

Just kidding.

When Bhreia and Amalchi first emerged from me
I did not expect to have a campaign anniversary.
The longest campaign I ran had an eight session streak,
I'm still surprised to see you week after week.
So, after arriving in a stereotypical D&D town,
I want to thank you for sticking around.
And at this pace, it's pretty clear
that you'll leave Korbantir around this time next year.

And that's where we left off.