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πŸ” Madame Mollisher's


Spoilers Ahead!

This entire page is meant as DM information. If you're not the DM, you should probably not be reading this!

Madame Mollisher

A portrait of the madame herself.

Madame Mollisher's is a brothel in Korban's Landing's Old City neighborhood. The brothel's owner is the eponymous Madame Morgan Mollisher, who established the business in 2069.

Though uncommon, lodging is available upon request but at a steep surcharge.


The Madame

Morgan Mollisher is originally from Rivoni Springs, part of the infamous Mollisher family in charge of operating the gondolas there. She fled to Korban's Landing after she learned that a price was put on her head there by a rival family after some scandalous events.

She's very proud of the business she has built here (though with significant starting capital) and her clientele, which includes some notable local figures.

Upon Entering

Madame Mollisher will will greet them as they enter. Mister is nearby, a silent and slightly menacing figure.

A dimly lit hallway adorned with billowing translucent linens and the sweet aroma of Rivonian incense envelopes you as you step inside. Coming towards you with a broad smile framed in a curly white mane is a human woman dressed in a long white dress. She's probably in her seventies, but age doesn't seem to have strong effects.

Entree, travelers! Welcome to Korban's Landing's warmest and kindest bosom, a true haven in a cold and windy port city. I am Madame Morgan Mollisher, owner of this fine establishment. I trust you will be able to warm your sea-chilled bones with one of our hospitality specialists.

She claps her hands and a row of hospitality specialist appear from between the linens and line up in front of you.


Robin Sola: A middle-aged female prostitute of Human descent who occasionally runs the brothel in Morgan's stead.

Ellie Buck: A young female prostitute of Half-Elf descent. Native to Korban's Landing, the daughter of a human prostitute who became impregnated on the job.

Brynn Garron: A middle-aged male prostitute of Half-Orc descent. Rejected by his tribe in TaΓ―ni, Brynn makes a living here.

Glimmer: A young gender-neutral prostitute of Elven descent. While the others all carry a certain sadness, Glimmer seems quite content with their occupation.

Mister: A burly, battle-worn middle-aged Cuniko male. In charge of the bar and security in the brothel.

DM: Passi

A level of trust can be established by mentioning that Passi/Pasiphae sent the group to the brothel. Though she's now on the straight and narrow, Pasiphae used to be a prostitute at Madame Mollisher's. Her husband, Garacan, doesn't know this.


The building in which Madame Mollisher runs her business consists of four stories, including the basement.


  • Mister's bed
  • Storage
    • Alcohol
    • Furniture
  • Money safe
  • A secret tunnel leading to the docks

Ground Floor

  • Lobby (entrance) and waiting area
  • Kitchen
  • Bar
  • Bathroom (a tub)

Second Floor

  • Robin's room
  • Ellie's room
  • Brynn's room
  • Glimmer's room

Top Floor

  • Morgan's room
  • Guest room 1 (8gp/night)
  • Guest room 2 (8gp/night)